With our DNA and all the genomics is an intangible- tacit knowledge. Dr. Polanyi (biosemiotics) and Dr. Wendy Wheeler ” the kind of tacit knowledge that consists in the intimation of something hidden, which we may yet discover”. Tacit thought is “indispensable part of all knowledge”.
With the male dominated sciences exclusion of female biology and even her DNA intricacies- tacit knowledge and healing of trauma, I have found that the male authored sciences cannot be told or taught. And it doesn’t matter how many times it is told to have the sense-based knowledge since it is burrowed in secrecy and hidden. Why? Because it is experiential knowledge- lived experiences. In other words they just don’t get it.
And if they do get it, they are named the discoverer or copyright it.

Yakan Tribe Textile Tribes Zanboanga Philippines, photo credit: Michelle Lyles

I have witnessed in my Kolo Informed Trauma Care clinical work women’s life experiences dealing with a world of violence becomes a return to a state of equilibrium. In doing so, women’s tacit knowledge- lived experiences are evolutionary developments evolving an even greater cultural complexity. It is a resource that could save us all and heal the planet all at once.

2010 Ahmica-Vittez site of Balkan War war crimes gathering with Novi Travnik Kolo Sumejja women

Additionally, I add that epigenetics (the environment shapes us and we shape the environment largely through small repeated acts) is what deepens the roots of knowledge,so that we can grow and extend to the fullest of its capacities.
Biological evolution encompasses a strata of complexity – it proceeds in this fashion where female biological processes (pregnancy, birth, child rearing) creates culture thus human knowledge- a tacit knowledge, a based genomic evolution.

Abeche Chad, refugee camp 2007, photo credit: Dr. Danica Anderson

Certainly, women creating culture thus evolving culture to new complexities sets up the environment for change- evolving not solving. According to Dr. Wendy Wheeler, tacit knowledge reflects “on our embedded and socially embedded nature as selves”.
With my Kolo Self Informed Trauma Care I realized its not interventions but prevention that occurs when I bear witness to women’s tacit knowledge. The most effective interventions in our complex biological systems – environmental, ecological and culture healing is the inclusion not exclusion of women’s’ capacity as culture creators that return life to an equilibrium.
But, this would be too great of a momentous shift for linear scientific thought and our military industrial complex. Why? Male authored sciences and male world wide power and authority cannot stamp their name on it or be memorialized as heroes and great men.

Dr. Danica Anderson
Social Scientist, Trauma Expert
The Kolo: Women’s Cross-Cultural Collaboration