My Kolo Informed Trauma Care has observed and understood the epigenetic influences for transgenerational trauma and body impacts. This is especially observed with my trauma work on Bosnian Muslim women war crimes and war survivors. My own lineage follows along

Photographer Salgado saw the gorilla beating on his chest- Balkan War, Bosnia 1999
with these Bosnian women whose ancestors recorded a century of wars.
I know why I saw the gorilla beating on our chests. My field work in trauma, crisis response and in the conflict zones across the world noted the suffering immune system in all. I understand how we live life, the decisions we make are the epigenetic prevention for our health and sound mind. I did this by focusing on their felt states, the women’s tacit knowledge and intuition.

Dr. Anderson’s book Blood & Honey: the secret herstory of women
Dr. According to scientist Daniel M. Davis, research “emphasise an important truth: we see with our brains rather than our eyes…senses focused [to] become more open to the new”. Given that epigenetics is the environment shaping us and ourselves shaping the environment, senses such as feelings and the traumatic fright/flight, these pattern recognitions lends itself to transgenerational trauma and body impacts such as diseases.
However, Davis cited how scientific discovery is slow to realize what is being observed in research. In an experiment by two Harvard psychologists, Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons, where a video of passing basketballs between them had a female in a gorilla costume facing the camera beating her chest. None of the study participants saw the gorilla.

Invisible Gorilla experiment images
The perceptual blindness and what the late Dr. Lynn Margulis cites as ‘trained incapacities” was no longer an obstacle. Scientists were able to see the gorilla beating our chests.

Perceptual blindness and trained incapacities is revealing discoveries
While the mostly male scientists laud each other, I laud the women I have worked with in the killing fields. The women already knew the epigenetic gene and how transgenerational trauma is inherited. Even though the women could not name the epigenetic gene AIM2 gene or CRP C-reactive protein responsible for immune system impacts, they knew the body is connected with everything and even to future generations. The women and the children are not invisible to me.

Bosnian Kolo Sumejja women war crimes and war survivors give donated food stuff to refugees in Travnik, Bosnia 2002
Author: Dr. Danica Anderson
Social Scientist- Trauma Expert