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Women have exceeded their Sex- Joan of Arc- modern day role model for Mother’s Day

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One quote from a woman born in France January 6, 1412 in the Lorraine Valley France referred to as the Valley of the Kings sums up the modern women today, “I’ve exceeded my sex.”

The quote is from the lips of Joan of Arc. What she had to do in her life to achieve this is emblazoned in the religious sainthood gangplank walk for women. The sainthood gangplank includes not just domestic activities but involves military battles sanctioning mass murders. Mothers have for thousands of years exceeded their sex in a myriad of ways modeling for their daughters on how to be the male’s perspective of what female ‘should’ be.

The reality for mothers today is such that when communicating her wounds-crimes against her humanity, she is blamed. Rather then having awe and wonder for her ability to give birth and bleed without dying we mostly neglect her or give more unending service. Mothers are then unable to communicate unless it is without rage and only within a detached mental construct such as sainthood has become our modern day role model for females.

This is found in all religious institutions founded by rueful and let’s face it insecure patriarchs. Buddhists adhere to suffering as primarily something for females to endure. Suffering in sainthood as in Buddhism appears to be the only way females can even be mentioned in the mental male construct in religions. Imparting a universal global pattern from which male accountability are transferred to the female, males are able to remain the propagandized gods they presume they are.

Looking at Joan of Arc, we see that she was called into her sainthood gangplank walk through visions of women saints; Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret. Joan of Arc’s role models are actually martyr roles. Joan was known as the la Pucelle-the maid (note the domestic term for virgin) and had visions of Archangel Michael as well. As any dutiful daughter, Joan would do what was she learned from examples borne by other women to live her life.

The United States’ budget proposal for 2006 demonstrates repeating suffering and martyrdom roles for women but disguised as sainthood, as they rip out child welfare, mother’s benefits but not the budget for phallic missiles dusted with depleted uranium for the war machine. Mothers then are given the role to support the war effort through another religion called patrioism while sacrificing their sons or worse yet, having their sons do mass killing of women, children and fathers.

The undeclared holocaust against women is fought not on proscribed battlegrounds but within the domestic realm-the home which is the very womb of females. With males not wanting any accountability held against their violence, the sainthood and martyrdom women do means males do not own any daily domestic chores. Having Joan of Arc’s nickname as the ‘maid’ points to the hell and damnation by men via domesticity and how male violence can occur with their lack of ownership or participation at the hearth.

Women are too immersed in their superiority in not hating men and overriding their female sex to even notice the catastrophic pogroms that penetrate their womb and their homes.

For instance, in the twenty-first century the push is for women to be ‘godly wives’ such as Martha Peace’s book, ‘The Excellent Wife” that demands the servitude, the maid in Joan of Arc and to take care of her man while holding down her nursing career as a godly wife. Many women today have taken to the patriarchal tactic of erasing feminism to become a distorted and twisted new brand of feminism. Joanna Weavers’ “How to Have a Mary Heart in the Martha World’ uses domestic duties Joan of Arc sainthood gangplank by having women believe the male’s value that vacuuming and laundry are spiritual practices for women only. [1]

Joan’s model example was Saint Margaret of Scotland (1093) where we find she was both a princess and a Queen with the notoriety of being the wife of King Malcolm III of Scotland; male’s value that domestic duties are spiritual practices for women only. What exacerbates the sainthood gangplank with Saint Margaret is the notoriety of her being married to Malcolm’s Duncan, who is immortalized in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. Macbeth murdered Duncan. Saint Margaret had Mary’s Heart.

Saint Margaret’s life was the grueling domestic slave labors that patriarchs’ demand.

The violence of expecting women to be a brood mare or like cattle with successive pregnancies killed many women laboring in birth. This is still occurring in Africa and other countries where religion doctrines are twisted by male violence.

Saint Margaret’s life was the epitome of Christian patriarch’s definition of a good wife or Madonna mirroring the male’s split feminine- either the whore or Madonna. Birthing a brood of eight with two sons becoming Monks and one daughter a queen she is known for her holy life. As if to magnify how daughters learn through example, Saint Margaret’s mother was also a Saint called Matilda (Good Queen Maud).

The gangplank of servitude and birthing many children while murder and mayhem ran in the veins of her children earned her sainthood- she exceeded her sex.

Saint Catherine is patroness of virgins and young women. The patroness died a virgin and a martyr for daring to upbraid the emperor Maximinus when he decided to kill early Christians. She was put to death for her ability to baffle the emperor with her conversion of his numerous scholars. Her sainthood is either based on her dying a virgin which men would think both virtuous and a shame. In today’s terms, her death is indeed a shame against the sixty million females missing.

Perhaps it was Joan of Arc’s –the maid- visions and visitations by Archangel Michael that Joan was given titular command of the army in 1429. Archangel Michael is supposedly guarding the body of Eve and is prince of the angels known as the warrior war cry of angels. He has the power to bring the souls of men to judgment.

A little known fact is how the Goddess Astraea partnered Archangel Michael with the early christians. “Joan of Arc’s persecutors associated her with Astraea, perhaps to evoke pagan connotations and bring Saint Joan-a creature of their own making-closer to the stake.”[2] During 9/11 World Trade Center terrorism Goddess Astraea- America’s Joan of Arc stood in the New York harbor watching nineteen men drive phallic airplanes into the World Trade Towers. The World Trade Towers was another phallic symbol- perhaps ‘mine is better then yours’ type of competition that is rife amongst males. The statue of Liberty; a gift from the French was dedicated to the United States’ young government in October 1886.

Goddess Astraea’s mother is Themis, the Goddess of Order and represents female social justice and a descent into primordial chaos. This forgotten female social justice is denied within religions and ruling patriarchal entities by repressing female rage. “Women in antiquity-particularly those initiated into female mystery cults-undoubtedly knew exactly what Astraea stood for. Matriarchy to them represented the only true justice a woman could know; the only real liberty in their lives. Astraea’s virginity was less “anti-male” than it was the symbol for another kind of purity: a social order unpolluted by domestic oppression. “[3]

The church and government convoluted Joan of Arc visions and messages that according to Joan were given by the two women saints and Archangel Michael with their sanctioned murders-war on fellow men for the sin of being English and not French. Joan of Arc was accepted into sainthood for executing fellow man on French soil and then she was executed by the Catholic Church; the sainthood gangplank.

Reflecting back on the fourteen-century’s continuing carnage in war with church and government in ecstatic embrace (the massive gynocide during the middle ages took the lives of 9 million women claimed by the church to be witches) has a woman- Joan of Arc sainted for killing English men. It has us wondering if men want women to kill them or at least hold them accountable for their hatred of the female gender- since women rarely hold males accountable with their passivity.

Lost are the sense of female social justice and a pure social order that is not devalued with proscribed roles for females in dualistic forms consisting of Madonna or the whore.

Strange that feminism is consistently linked with man hating when it simply has shown that women rarely seek retributions against men and are consistently passive to the point of being a ready made victim. The responses by women about feminism and "exceeding their sex" portray a global war against females using females to destroy themselves. The subtle ways to manufacture violence against women has helped strengthen the victim role men prefer in women through women.

The immediate response by women about feminist concerns are usually met with “I don’t hate men,” signifies a victim not willing to be the next victim as yet. In reality it is religion, rule of law and governments that ignites female’s rage towards men. Joan of Arc’s union with the brotherhood at the expense of her sex is the only way women hold males accountable for crimes against female humanity.

The Dark Ages about 476 AD to the ten-century stretched through the fourteenth century if not well into present day. Ignorance and a lack of literature or arts appeared to be the sweeping judgments of that age period and if we were to reflect back on feminism in the past three decades, the dark ages have fallen and sealed against any stray light.

With a constant dismissal of words associated with females or feminism, many women become unable to voice their true reality. Words recently written by Terri Hekker ended up saying “mea culpa” reflects true reality and the makings of another Joan of Arc in modern day. In 1980 Hekker wrote a book that catapulted her into talk and radio shows because of her loyalty and perpetuation of the patriarchy-the sainthood gangplank in her domestic duties via marriage.

Hekker is a real modern day Joan of Arc for wanting to stay home and be the good wife and then being executed by her husband with divorce papers when she became over the hill in age for him. So much for the christian vow that she serve him in love and honor. What is needed is a ‘sell by date’ on the product-wives emblazoned on her forehead. Already the ‘sell by date’ has been underground but reinforced in Hollywood, media such as newscaster and prostitutes who get too old.

“My anachronistic book was written while I was in a successful marriage that I expected would go on forever. Sadly, it now has little relevance for modern women, except perhaps as a cautionary tale,' Hekker wrote last week as she announced her U-turn.” [4]

With women’s responses about feminism as man hating or as an invitation to quickly defend men not females, the linking of feminism and hating men may in fact be due to a knee jerk denial reaction about the catastrophic statistics enumerating the escalating violence towards females. What does Hekker do with her female rage when she cannot hold him accountable?

Let’s list the Joan of Arc’s in our present day. “Miriam Farhat, also from Gaza, known here as the Mother of Martyrs, because three of her sons died attacking Israelis.” [5] A true Joan of Arc that went even further then Joan, this mother helped prepare the grenades, her son’s automatic rifle resulting in the death of yet another one of her sons, five Israelis and twenty four wounded inside the Gaza Strip Jewish settlement Atzmona.

Liberia’s first democratic female president may be a Joan of Arc vision for encouraging women to sign up in the army. Magotshall N. Davis who at the age of fourteen joined the army reported, "We are all brothers now". [6] Mrs. Davis signed up since “we all need to rebuild our country,” responded Mr. Davis. Is Mrs. Davis a brother now since she joined the army just like Joan of Arc?

No one questions Magotshall N. Davis’s wife’s motive-where women in Liberia are the primary war targets. What does Mrs. Dorloa’s do with her female rage now that she can hold a weapon just like him?

Within the rule of law and religions are proscribed roles especially that of females as mothers, grandmothers and daughters. Many Catholic women aspire to be Mother Theresa and into sainthood suppressing their female rage at the unnaturalness of what males consider the holiest of holy acts. Huge memorials dot the face of the Mother Earth for war draped dead heroes with flowers and tears of gratefulness.

Herding females as cattle with laws in the Catholic Church against birth control (so a rape culture is enforced and can procreate more of their Y chromosomes) while mandating only two roles for women- Madonna or the Whore – secures a prison life for all women. It also secures a male prerogative in fashioning women of their own making. In the end most women prefer the martyrdom of Madonna who sacrifices her only son to the cross which is war and violence.

Many Bosnian females follow the martyrdom of their mothers as do Palestinian mothers, leaving a trail of hatred and revenge towards their sons unconsciously. Add to that how mothers’ immortalize the deaths of their sons as holy through patriotic acts, such their son’s Jihad will give him many virgins in heaven, that are essentially violence in pure unadulterated form.

Like Madonna who gave her only son, he is worshipped, like the military moms who bury their sons as courageous and brave – that he died for his country, the twisted indoctrination supersedes a female’s sex. Mothers give birth and ultimately life to every single being on this planet which is the antithesis to this death loving concept schematically formulated in law, government, religions and military systems.

Love of a male god and all patriarchs by females has been acculturated by a male construct in the forms of religion, governing bodies, and the military along with academic institutions to propagate her adherence to unnatural laws and male spite.

Since the cataclysmic wounds and crimes against female humanity is not only threatening the human race the evolutionary aspect of having these crimes for well over five thousand years has penetrated harm and abuse towards the Mother Earth.

Instead of life responses by women upon being made aware of cataclysmic violence statistics against their gender, they are quick to remark ‘what about men’ rather then asking ‘what about the women.’ Pure spite and hatred against their female sex, many women and of course most defensive men scream out, ‘women do it too.’ Actually, it is still statistically insignificant-females are more subordinate and the target rather then the offender in violence-except in the gangplank of sainthood and martyrdom.

And with sixty million females missing do women really murder and kill like men, too?

“The smallest sex difference that has been found for physical aggression using meta-analysis suggests that 63 per cent of men are more aggressive than the average woman while the largest finds that 82 per cent of men exceed the average woman,’ reports Anne Campbell.[7] Campbell also reiterates “psychopathy is not a common condition but is it is sexually dimorphic. The diagnostic rate among men is about 4 percent of the population while among women it is less then 1 percent.”[8]

Many women are so into sainthood and non-violent communications fashioned by yet another male it has become a finely honed game to scapegoat any female who speaks her truth and the reality of her life experience outside the male mental construct of sainthood or martyrdom.

Semantics and how it was said along with her tone add to the searing judgments about the character of the woman expressing her truth outside the box of man made language and man made religions. Denial of cataclysmic statistics portraying the raw violence against women and children are neatly tied in a box under the bed with statements of “that can’t be true or she is lying’ and the newest hype- ‘I love men’ and prefer non-violent communications.

I question how can a female have accurate speech when she is the target of everything violent; when she is hog-tied with what males deem as proper communications, not free to tell her first person story since it will shatter other women’s denial or threaten males.

How does a woman from Sudan, raped, mutilated and divorced by her husband have any language or words that are non-violent? Burdening the victim -mostly women- with thick ropes to cancel out female rage and the truth of their experiences allows other women to live in denial and allow them to blame the victim not the male offender.

Wars have killed millions and millions of young men. In the last century wars killed more civilians (mostly women and children in their homes) then soldiers. Mothers do not bury sons. Instead, the spin has been the burials of patriots with their names carved onto stone memorials to console their immeasurable loss of a precious child.

Ask Cindy Sheehan if her son’s grave was a great exchange for her as a mother. Cindy Sheehan pitched a tent by selected President Bush’s ranch in Texas and was subsequently arrested at his state of the Union speech for wearing a T-shirt listing the number of deaths in Iraq.

Kristin Tillotson, a journalist from the Star Tribune[9] asks, “Why are women exploiting themselves?” Tillotson chronicles feminists disconnect. Unable to stem the global unified hatred of females due to women’s second-class citizenry and poverty status has females’ survival methods exploiting their bodies to please and gratify men’s fantasies and appetites. They chose the Whore rather than the Madonna categories as defined by men.

“Feminism today is more often associated with Andrea Dworkin, who called all sex a form of rape, than with Gloria Steinem, who was sexy and pro-sex, but never made that her most important quality. But other outgrowths of sexual freedom seem to have become less about self-gratification than male gratification,” reports Tillotson.

Tillotson quotes Ariel Levy, author of, "Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture." "The girls I talked to have this sense that it's about having big breasts, being as hot as possible, putting on a performance," Levy said. "They haven't existed at a time when 'ho' wasn't part of the lexicon, when feminism had a potent presence in the culture. It's been a punch line or a punching bag." The ‘ho’ dynamic is borne out of African American culture – hip-hop and ‘ebonics’ – term for black slang language which then destroys any semblance of respect or honor for the female. However, females themselves to be cool will be that ‘ho’ or ‘raunch’ girl for the males twisted split feminine tastes of either Madonna or the whore.

These female chauvinist pigs prefer the role of whores rather then the saints or Madonna. It is difficult to blame them since the gangplank to sainthood is equally distasteful.

Sadly, it is all about economics and sheer survival in a man’s world. Feminism does not pay and upsets the men with feminist consciousness. When men are upset the women are programmed to defend the males so as to not become their next victim.

Unfortunately, statistics are proving otherwise. Unconsciousness of their female sex and self worth; females are a rich supply of victims nearing extinction while sons die on battlefields. The Dark Ages have been here for quite awhile now.

The new fad for women in learning and research institutions is gendering using both male and female equally. This ignores the five thousand year pogrom against females highlighted in the father sky god religions-western religions and eastern religions- along with her stabbings, mutilations, burnings, rape, abject poverty and murders based solely on her gender.

But, hey, “let’s get over it,” remains the appeal from the lips of both men and women. Women however gain a smidgen of superiority with their forgiveness of each of those deeds hoping for canonization of their slavery just as Joan of Arc employed. And really, any female rage, anger or impassioned female championing for female humanity is simply hysterics and to be disregarded.

Meanwhile, the men are never held accountable-women do it for them. Evidenced by the always-rising statistics showing women as victims of horrific violence, females do not hold men accountable while barely surviving the demigods’ male violence towards their sex. No wonder women want to exceed their sex.

Let’s face it with Joan of Arc and basically every revolution of mankind, it was made possible by the sheer force of women in the resistance which after the coup or war women were promptly erased and forgotten as they cleaned up the devastation. In Joan’s case she was executed by the very Mother Church she worshipped.

Other women that have exceeded their sex with a focus on being a corporate wife is mirrored in Condoleezza Rice’s statement, “the president, my husband,” or the plagiarizing columnist Ann Coulter’s scathing intolerance of her own sex and feminism so that as women they can be counted among the army of the boys or brothers..

Feminism and all that it encompasses is so needed for today’s reality which exposes the ‘Joan of Arc syndrome’ that is so pervasive in every crevice of life for females. We can choose to dispose of the gangplank to sainthood and defend our right to not struggle or we can remain in slave labor pools as willing victims. We can choose to not sacrifice our children by giving our sons a supposed death with dignity in war and patriotism and a brutal undignified death to our daughters.

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