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Bluebeard, a fairy tale, tells the truth about men and their silent participation in violent mayhem

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An annual June holiday reflection on what it means to be a father, and what they mean to us, allows us an in-depth look.

The report card approach, a pedagogical method that most fathers have employed with their children, is based on cognitive outreaches found in the media such as articles and research. These forums illuminate fathers and how they are portrayed in the media, uncovering continuities of a violent cult.

Tuning into 107.5 FM in Washington state, the males only radio station samples the most universal picture of the ‘father.’ Male voices jeer from the airwaves about being interrupted from their beloved televised sport by their wives, mothers or sisters who remind them to do a chore, their rants against females salt the air with blame.

A total frontal assault on women is waged; how dare they have the audacity to interrupt their sports telecast? No mention was made of the men’s inability to be responsible so that women do not have to play the mother role. Instead, the acidic radio talk was similar to the hate radio played before and during the Rwandan massacre in 1994, where one million people were murdered in one month.

With an eye on Media and newspaper headlines, the epitaphs display congruence with the hate radio. One article in the Tacoma News Tribune on genetic evidence brazened, “Sex differences? Blame the X,” along with another headline, “Prostrate cancer risk tracked to mothers.”

Thousands of news captions/pictures of women crying, in victim positions or with dazed looks grace the Internet and newspaper pages. The experts, the law enforcement figures, and authority figures flash incandescently against the female victim backdrops in behemoth man poses, and for all their posturing, still nothing is done about crimes against women and children.

The Wichita, Kansas parishioners of the Christ Lutheran Church have been among the few awakened to the typical picture of the ‘father.” For years, in the midst of their congregation stood a church member who was later hailed as the BTK killer (stands for bind, torture and kill). Acronyms are a part of the ‘father’ stance as this fathers crimes went unabated from 1974 to 1991.

Joining forces is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who told radio’s most manly radio announcer Howard Stern known for barely clad women while broadcasting that if the moon was rid of women would not be so bitchy with their menstrual periods.[1]

BTK, a Boy Scout leader elected church president this year, was in the midst of the other parishioners as is the regular guy or typical ‘father’. BTK was an authority figure, and ticket writing pseudo-cop as well as a church board member.

Positions of authority tend to blind us, perhaps this is how he managed to get away with murder without anyone blinking an eye or noticing. It is important to remember that unconsciousness is an act of collusion, as was certainly true with these killings.

Dr. Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. wrote of Bluebeard as “the most deceitful and most powerful fugitive in the psyche, requires our immediate consciousness and containment”[2]

Bluebeard, a fairy tale, tells the truth about men and their silent participation in violent mayhem. Women have aspects of Bluebeard as their destructive patterns and lying to themselves and others.

In the fable, which is in a sense a lived reality TV series about fathers, Bluebeard courts three sisters. After her two older sisters turned him down because something was funny about him, he ends up with the youngest and most unconscious sister.

Obviously, the two older sisters were not naïve to their “innate predator” or how men even their fathers have modeled or are modeling examples of predators. As a patriarchal society we condemn the wise two older sisters as evil, feminists, or witches to be burned diluting the force of their wisdom for others. Police take reports from two older sisters and never act upon them. Or something similar to having DNA testing too costly for rape cases so nothing is ever done.

The youngest sister (very naïve) marries him despite his terrible record with her two older sisters and discovers in his castle a room full of skeletons- his former wives. Domestic violence statistics show the naïveté of many women whose choices for husbands become an acculturated destructive pattern.

Raw with shock from an immediate understanding that she has been sleeping with the enemy, the youngest sister’s confrontation with this awareness prompts her to call upon her brothers. The brothers in the fable, according to Dr. Estes, are her psychic brothers symbolizing her instinctual defenses, who join with her sisters as the wise ones, who are the eyes of her soul.

Only then is Bluebeard slain by her brothers.

Bluebeard is a spree killer and a serial killer.

Spree Killers (remember Charles Starkweather or Andrew Cunanan) are similar to serial killers except that, for them, sex is not a motivator. The motivating element for spree killers is their anonymity and the fact that they go uncaptured and work for profit. Spree Killers since the 1800’s have been referred to as the Bluebeards. Usually white and 20-30 years of age, these Bluebeards look like our male relatives, church members just like BTK or leading governmental figures. (

Most known serial killers live in the United States.[3]

Mass Killers are 20-40 years of age and also white males. The main motives for serial killers are sex, power, domination, control and manipulation. It is even finer tuned as to classifications, the disorganized serial killer is where sadism is displayed and the organized serial killer with a sex motive leads to rape.

Kim Rossmo, an ex-cop, cited Vancouver, B.C. police for their apathy and excruciatingly slow response in apprehending the serial killer responsible for 30 plus murders on its eastside. The victims were females and prostitutes, and Rossmo refused to be a part of the silent colluding brotherhood that saw nothing worth saving in the victims’ profiles.

Rossmo’s male accountability and act of responsibility is the well muscled psychic brother which as seen in Bluebeard’s fable can slay the destructive violence was summed up in his statement, "For 18 months, women mainly in the sex trade were disappearing," noted Rossmo. "If you have a serial killer running around, you have to do something about it. Nobody wants to do anything."[4]

Rossmo is one of a handful in media who has dared to break the silence about the Bluebeards in our midst, and may represent a greater but silent majority of males who are brothers to women and, in essence, the more appropriate father modeled.

Allison Steven, WeNews correspondence article about the silence congress has with Tom Delay, who is the epitome of a staunch conservative governmental offical, wrote how “the vast majority of Republicans has either risen to DeLay's defense or kept quiet.”[5] It appears that Bluebeards ability to control and to manipulate is fed by a silent brotherhood.

Yet, there are some cracks in the wall of blind male collusion;

Stirling Newberry’s article titled, “Rove’s Revolution: Bash, Break and Borrow,” hints at the serial killer Bind, Torture and Kill, which converts easily into acronyms about Bluebeards. The article chronicles Bluebeard’s mass killing methods as “Rove's strategy is to create a three-tier attack on the old order, and on anyone who would prevent his new order.”[6]

Carl Rove, President Bush’s right hand man in his many campaigns strategies is the iconic of domination, modus operandi of Bluebeards.

We have become a global world hungry for a father figure that can not be found in what we have now or have had according to the violence statistics in the states and globally.

Father hunger is evident in the mourning of the pope by 1.2 billion Catholics. A pope, who, according to many documented sources, did nothing about the sex scandals carried out during his reign.

Caryl Rivers’ commentary in the New York Times pointed out Bluebeard in Pope John Paul, “But his policies towards women--including the denial of female ordination--seem stalled in an earlier era. Looking at the event from the perspective of what is going on in pharmacies and state legislatures and science advisory panels in this country, I was astonished to see that the Vatican's attack on birth control was skimmed over.”[7]

By Peter Dejong, AP

Bluebeard appears in women as victims often as mass denial and even love for the offender, which shows deceitfulness turned inward. Remaining naïve and innocent is in essence a victim’s blindness to respond to what is actually going on.

“Mortality - the more graphic, the merrier - is the biggest thing going in America. Between Terri Schiavo and the pope, we've feasted on decomposing bodies for almost a solid month now,” reports Frank Rich in his article titled “A culture of death not life.”[8] Rich ends his article with an astute observation, “We don't know the identity of the corpse that will follow the pope in riveting the nation's attention. What we do know is that the reality show we've made of death has jumped the shark, turning from a soporific television diversion into the cultural embodiment of the apocalyptic right's growing theocratic crusade.”

Actually, the theocratic crusade in news television reports captures the skeleton laden room in Bluebeard’s castle.

The magnitude and correlated actions of the Bluebeards as the father in our society are increasingly corroborated by many scholars in interdisciplinary fields. Their significant findings on the violence of men (not inclusive of women), however, is understated and left as a given condition that is implied to be natural rather than unnatural.

For instance, very few people understand or know that the most virulent war to occur since WWII is not Iraq right now but in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with 3.8 million deaths in five years (1998-2004).[9] Atrocities and Wars in the twentieth century outnumber slightly the total number of murders in America from 1990-94.[10]

The late renowned archeologists Marija Gimbutas remarked about the need for contemporary cultural transformation. “We must refocus our collective memory. The necessity for this has never been greater as we discover that the path of ‘progress’ is extinguishing the very conditions for life on earth.”[11]

Reutgers David Lewis Congo

The statistics do not lie nor do the statistics tell men and women that other men and women are doing the atrocities. Those statistics are us.

We collude when we sit in silence, when we sit in denial pretending that the father is kind, loving and a family man and that it is someone else’s father who did it. Let’s end the blame and know that we all did it, while finally accounting for the global violence against women and children, not just in families but in governmental policies which use collateral damage as permission

Cindy Peter’s research on Susan Faludi’s work “Stiffed,” stated how Faludi “does not pin personal blame on fathers. She sees them as having been battered by forces that left them emotionally "crippled," mute, incapable of ushering their sons into "manhood." Having been abandoned by their fathers, sons are left with no moral compass, no sense of responsibility, forever in search of paternal figures elsewhere, usually to no avail.”[12]

Dr. Estes’s Bluebeard interpretation breathes in an opportunity to evolve from naiveté in women and the collusion of silent men by having strength and action in response to Bluebeards. It is a call to action for all of us, women and men alike, this Father’s Day to reflect on what it means to be a father and what it has meant for everyone else. It is not a pretty picture.


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