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Death Consciousness and Adrenalin Addiction

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Female Social Justice Reforms-Female Social Evolution

Chris Knight, Evolutionary Biologist, stated that “Females need to relate to males on a whole new conscious level and physical level to guarantee life not death.” [1]

The Associated Press reported on the ban of pornography and cigarettes for Washington State Prisoners in June 2004. These products were named as contraband after five years of complaints from prison staff stating how the rehabilitation principles are dissolved when women are shown in degrading materials. A Monroe prison inmate, Robert Vederoff, aged 30 serving 10 years for second-degree murder is baffled with the pornography ban not the cigarette ban because the latter is for health reasons.

The Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 9/11 filmed an Iraqi grandmother screaming for her family members after bombings. Round faced and round in body, the Iraqi grandmother in black clothes looked like the many Bosnian mothers and grandmothers I have worked with in Bosnia. I have observed many mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters and daughters crying for the dead.

After 9/11 Afghanistan’s mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters and daughters cried for the dead along with widows, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters from the 9/11 massacre. The interesting comment made by Bosnian Muslims after 9/11 was; “the American women, now know what war is about,” as if the only way to have empathy or a sisterhood is through death consciousness. This sounds hauntingly like an addiction.

I know I am only repeating what has been happening for the last five thousand years. In evolutionary views, the last time we did evolve was about 30,000 years ago, the age of the archeological figurines of the Willendorph Goddess, Laussel Goddess and many other exquisite Goddess art. It was in the early Upper Paleolithic era that many more people were surviving into old age than at any other time period. (Olympian News Service, July 9, 2004) This meant ‘thriving’ not surviving was the mode of living and their hands were available for art and agriculture. No wars, no pornography was present in those eras.

40,000 years ago, new social systems started to develop which “rendered both possible and useful the sharing and reproduction through time of complex ideas, representational forms, and hence complex systems of meaning and social action.” (http:/

Living in the patriarchy is not living, rather is it Chris Knight’s observation of how female’s consciousness in relation to males is about death rather then life. Having a death consciousness in relating to males would imply a biological impact as well as psychological problems dealing with intimacy.

What stands out the most is how males need patriarchal approved ‘intimacy’ with other men which is allowed only on battlefronts, war zones, military institutions or screaming sports venues. Men aren’t allowed to have bosom buddies to share tears and fears while in bear hugs. And added to this, males are supposed to be strong and not ‘hen-pecked’ by ‘their women.’

Is this why women have related to men with death consciousness rather then a life giving consciousness? In the movie Fahrenheit 911, the mother who came from a military family for generations it seems comes face to face with this death consciousness when her son dies in Iraq. The mother wanders the grounds of the Capitol mourning her son’s death she faces the capitol and says, “I don’t have my son.”

Meeting our men and the males on the grounds of patriarchal approved ‘intimacy’ will either be in war zones or sex in various shades of abuse. Death consciousness appear in females who are found in being so busy surviving and so busy servicing the patriarchal ideologies such as war, sexual fantasies/appetites that they sacrifice their own power and sexuality.

Meeting in the war zone requires the blood of our sons and daughters. With the catastrophic statistics of violence mostly against females, it is not hard to understand that males are groomed to think that violence is erotic. The adrenaline rush with violence and fear makes it difficult not to indulge the impulse towards violence.

Living in the war zones and existing in a phallic worshipping consciousness (or lack of consciousness, rather) negates relating to men, our children and families in life-giving forms. Relating disappears with death consciousness and living becomes going through the motions without heart or spirit; like zombies. Females inhumanity to other females is horizontal violence that Mary Condren, Director of Feminist Studies, Ireland wrote of. Horizontal violence requires the dissociation in women about their feminine connection.

“The killing of the mother is the secret story of Western civilization and the killing of women by other women is a way of perpetuating it. The absence of empowering female images who might foster women’s struggle for individuation has meant that very often we turn to the men for symbols of power and separation,” (4) exhorts Mary Condren. Horizontal violence amongst women who kill off their strongest in competition for ‘man’ is one of the many violent reactions of Zombies.

Actually, zombie approaches are a form of dissociation found in trauma.

“Dissociation is born of trauma, it happens automatically and unconsciously as a survival tactic and it anesthetizes feelings and emotions”(3) writes Stephen Wolinsky.

Zombies are the walking dead going through the motions. Constantly surviving is a remake of those Zombie movies where the Zombies rarely talk and have a voice. And with surviving comes the most powerful drug coursing through female and male veins-- adrenalin. Adrenalin-surviving pattern is an addictive rush to repeat death consciousness over and over into the generations.

The Adrenal gland is attached to the kidney functions and adrenalin is secreted into the blood producing many responses but one response most know of: fright or flight. With all the fear mongering in media and governing entities, just reading the daily paper secretes adrenalin and produces a rush.

Adrenalin is a powerful life saving survival drug in the body, allowing the body the power and ability to run away. When in fright, adrenalin makes your heart beat faster and faster- where some think it is love or eroticism at play rather then real fear. Real fear (fear is opposite of love) triggers adrenalin with not only faster heart beats, but deep breaths, cold sweats, vomiting and sometimes wetting oneself.

What has been called peace efforts and the many thousands of treaties only to be broken by wars, coups and violence becomes a well honed manipulation tactic by many ruling governments who want to keep the adrenalin rush going at all times. Basically, the thousands of treaties and wars are global ‘Domestic Violence’ patterns repeated by institutions in ruling governments and military concerns.

Many Americans believed in ‘action’ against Afghanistan and Iraqi knowing unconsciously the collateral damage would be mostly women, children and their homes. A poster made by one of the 9/11 widows begs; “don’t use my husband’s death as a war cry rally.’ Her response is evolution and about thriving not surviving.

Was she tired of always surviving and relating to all in a death consciousness that seemed to require retaliation? Were she and other female war and violence survivors aware of the fear mongering and adrenalin addiction?

“Despite the "progress" in culture, science and technology, racism, tribalism, nationalism, colonialism and the caste system have been mainly responsible for the death of over 62 million human beings in the last 100 years.” ( The systems in place are not about social coalitions or collaborations rather the bureaucracy; the enforced rules for death worshipping and death consciousness are a part of the adrenaline addiction borne from many generations lost in fear and fright.

In the end, the last 100 years have had the most peace treaties ever and the most violence and wars seen across the face of the Mother Earth. These “peace” treaties and actions against terrorism and war simply have not worked, prompting more atrocities and the fostering of poverty and hunger.

In the last 50 years, almost 400 million people worldwide have died from hunger and poor sanitation. That's three times the number of people killed in all wars fought in the entire 20th century. Bread for the World Institute (BFWI)

There are 45 million refugees who wander the globe (Mertus, War’s Offensive on Women) of which 75-80% are women and children.

I use to wonder where the women’s voices and votes are but now I know their voices are busy mourning the dead and the losses in their lives becoming like Zombies high on adrenaline.

From these statistics, females have been relating to males in death and grief for centuries and thousands of years. Pornography, rapes, abuse towards females is totally accepted and has created a false structure that many call culture. The sexual psychodrama fuels the adrenaline addiction.

Females help perpetuate the violence and intergenerational hatred of anything female or feminine in their devotions in every major religion ranging from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, to Taoism. This devotion is found in women’s devotion and loyalty to ruling governments, municipalities, school systems, husbands and fathers. Mary Condren relates to this by writing, “We become daughters of fathers, crying like Athena: “No mother gave me birth-I came full blown from the head of Zeus” (Aeschylus 1977:288-292).” (3)

Devoted females have not even noticed the female forms in what Gloria Steinem has observed in the architecture of churches: “the outer portals serve as the labia majora, the inner portals as labia minora, the side altars as ovaries, and the high altar the uterus at the heart of the swelling dome that holds the body of the faithful, the child.”

These religions depict the female as unclean, unnecessary except in service to the males in honor of homoerotic phallic worshipping principles. Records began in ancient Greece that document classicist Eva Keuls’ “phallocracy: a highly violent, militaristic and hierarchic society.” (5) Many women earth wide are considered second class citizens, not allowed to vote for a female representative on the ballot. Countless wars were fought in the name of some religion or nationalism/phallocracy patriotic cause.

This is not to blame religions or males rather the underlying issue is how disenfranchised females are from ruling government entities, religious concerns, communities and even in their very homes. Females have given up their inner authority to outside patriarchal authorities.

“The same men who are blind and deaf to feminism are acutely sensitive to what threatens their dominance and privilege. One of their responses is to join fundamentalist sects; another is to ally with them, as Reagan, Bush and other conservative politicians have done,” (2) writes Marilyn French in her book The War against Women in 1992.

Women, in giving up their inner authority, give their loyalties to threaten males rather than a call for male accountability, thus sacrificing other women and their children. This is repeating again for the 2004 election, the current ‘selected’ president and the incessant fear and war mongering.

His-story is about a repeating routine of wars and violence; adrenaline addicts. Her-story has been the axis of evolution and the manifestation of civilization until the Bronze Age. When evoking her-story, the invitation for evolution and creativity manifests peace loving cultures and societies built upon gender acceptance. Archeology has documented fine evidence of this peace-loving, female-included culture.

The ‘G’ words; gender and the Goddess are passé and many women prefer to not hear them or to be associated with those words. Just recently, Roman Catholic fanatic Riordan, education master for the state of California, “during a public appearance at a Santa Barbara library, he told a young girl that her first name, Isis, meant "stupid, dirty girl." He later apologized and said he was joking.” (Los Angeles Times, Peter Nicholas, July 9, 2004)

The ‘F’ words; female, and feminist are abhorred and met with many women’s responses of “I don’t hate men,” indicating a hatred of female gender instead. This erases and eradicates females earth wide and is a classic example of horizontal violence.

There is a desperate need to sort out what is culture and what is violence. To sort this out, we are faced with the age old wisdom that females create and manifest culture. More importantly, including female culture and female humanity will readdress the imbalance of masculine preference by patriarchy while quelling the adrenaline addiction.

The silence from women and their families is apocalyptic. Females are too busy surviving, starving and being sexualized to speak out, let alone to know their female culture and humanity becoming a death consciousness rather then one of life. We are dying with the masculine preferred patriarchy. Worse yet, our sons and daughters are raised to honor a death consciousness rather than one of life and thriving.

“The world is dangerous not because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything.”

Small acts done in daily doses are female culture and female humanity promoting peace and a life consciousness. Look at your daily acts and note if your feeling values of love, peace, honor and respect include female, feminine principals. Don’t make promises, do something now.

Be your female heritage, know your female culture by: Donating time, money and effort for women’s causes and concerns. Look deeply into the current operating system research all information. Support strong empowered women.

Speak out! Vote! Your opinions count.

Howard Zinn wrote: “First, don't let "those who have power" intimidate you. No matter how much power they have they cannot prevent you from living your life, speaking your mind, thinking independently, having relationships with people as you like. (Read Emma Goldman's autobiography LIVING MY LIFE. Harassed, even imprisoned by authority, she insisted on living her life, speaking out, Remember, that those who have power, and who seem invulnerable are in fact quite vulnerable, that their power depends on the obedience of others, and when those others begin withholding that obedience, begin defying authority, that power at the top turns out to be very fragile. Generals become powerless when their soldiers refuse to fight, industrialists become powerless when their workers leave the jobs or occupy the factories.”

Understand and enact female solidarity. This is found when women who live together have their menstrual cycles synchronized. It is found with the silent marching Madres (mothers) in Argentina. It is found with the American women wearing black while standing on a street corner to protest the war in Iraq is another glimpse of female solidarity. The second largest march ever in the world and the largest march ever for Washington, DC, by 1.5 million women in April 2004 for pro-choice is another fine example of a group collective experience that delves into female solidarity.

The common peoples, the ordinary woman can start an evolution not a revolution by including her female heritage, her female culture and her wisdom in every day acts and actions. Small acts done over a period of time are the most powerful of female social justice reforms.

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