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Is Mother Nature throwing rocks at us?

Sustained global trends in dramatic natural catastrophes make the weather report look more like a wake-up call. What is the planet's Baba Yaga spirit trying to tell us?

The weather forecasts and natural catastrophes have us on red alert.

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These days, everyone who goes out in the morning to work encounters a life or death weather report.

Meteorologists with their accurate weather predictions claim to have an intimacy with Mother Nature. The Farmer's Almanac is the best Sybil, the mythological prophetess who saw the future but no one believed her until the event actually happened.

Often many people judge the day by its weather. The winter blues without the sunshine gives rise to depression allowing us to blame the weather instead of being an active participant in life.

What is evident is how the weather influences our bodies and our lives. The weather forecasts and natural catastrophes have us on red alert. Mother Nature is throwing rocks at us to gain our attention and to be mindful in all that we practice in daily life.

To the Slavs, Mother Nature is known as Baba Yaga, and her presence is evident in the weather. Many indigenous peoples around the globe know that when we check the weather we tune into Baba Yaga's life and death messages. She speaks to us through myriad ways. The weather is her breath.

Baba Yaga translates as wise elder woman/grandmother, with Yaga meaning "fright" and "pelican". Fright is an apt expression to describe the forces of Mother Nature and the natural world. Baba Yaga is perhaps the first truly dangerous idea of feminine ecology expression.

What is evident is how the weather (Mother Nature/Baba Yaga) influences our bodies and our lives.

Women's observations span the globe since women globally are responsible for crops and husbandry to feed their families. The observations such as the years' long droughts in Africa or the red tide in the oceans are very compelling and probe the psyche of all.

The Slavic cosmology authenticates the fearsome Baba Yaga as responsible for change and recurrence environmentally and on every living thing on the face of the planet. Baba Yaga's ability to throw rocks and uproot towering trees gains our attention and fear for a few moments until the next storm or Tsunami.

;Just take a look at the Northwest and North America. The city of Olympia, Washington, experienced terrifying gale force winds and cold, shutting down the electricity for days. Six people died from this Northwest Storm. The Denver airport was shut down twice on the most high-traffic holiday travel days. In December 2006 the State of New Mexico declared a state of emergency, while a huge island of ice broke off Canada's largest ice shelves. And now in January 2007, the Midwest and Eastern states are in the grips of a death freeze. [1]

And it is not just since the hurricane "Katrina" catastrophic natural disaster with the sea of brown and black elderly faces, struggling victims of ongoing poverty, who are the major caregivers for the stranded youth on the shores of the violent hurricane. A tornado rips through New Orleans in February 2007 ripping open the wounds from the hurricane Katrina.

In the Ring of Fire that surrounds Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, the weather conjures up Tsunamis, killer typhoons and continuous earth quakes.

Jakarta is experiencing the worst flood in thirty years with thousands homeless and dying in February 2007. The catastrophic floods follow after the mega Tsunami in 2004 and have come on top of recent numerous earthquakes since then.

"The pattern now seems to be that the rain subsides during the day but wrecks havoc at night....last night's storm actually woke me up out of my sleep," wrote UNICEF Logistics Officer Nadine McNeil, based in Jakarta Indonesia.

Africa's weather events take natural disasters to catastrophic heights only known in prehistoric eras until now.

Most of us are in denial about Baba Yaga's might and fury evidenced by the public debate on whether these extreme events of Nature’s fury are caused by global warming or is simply a natural event.

Metaphorically, what is happening in the world is Medusa's frozen stance a global Alzheimer's condition. Our memory of the disaster evaporates as soon the natural catastrophe event is no longer media news.

The stroll in the Northwest US: the aftermath of storms

Perhaps like the ancient Slavic daughters who enrolled in Baba Yaga's Nature pedagogy with their daily life practices, for seven years I have taken my dogs on a daily walk in the temperate rainforest, where we play on the threshold between Baba Yaga/Mother Nature as transitions from the segmented modern living to profound natural connections.

Baba Yaga's classrooms are the forests sheltered by massive intertwining branches iconic of cosmological regenerative forces in Mother Nature that inform us about the ritual drama and ritual dynamics. The ritual dynamics unravel the multitude of various paradigmatic contexts on how we coexist and interact with earth's environment: how for example scenes of growth, blossoms, and the seasonal cycles inscribe our life world and our bodies.

We are a collective of beings just like the trees in the forest. If one tree falls, the consequences ripple outward to uprooting of other conjoined trees nearby.

During this fierce recent Northwest storm, giant cedars and oak trees tumbled and crashed to the muddy and moist ground as if a bomb blast had been placed at the heart of their roots.

Observing and witnessing the truncated tree torsos that oddly mirror Neolithic Old Europe ancient Goddess zoomorphic figurines goes beyond silent reading of words -- nothing I heard in weather reports or read in books imparts Baba Yaga's meaningful messages.

The visual aftermath of a violent storm brought tears to my eyes with each downed giant tree and speaks the message of how much life is within the moment of tears. To the Slavic Baba Yaga it was not the end of life for the trees -- it is the beginning as well. Slavs understand how death and birth follow each other continuously.

We need to ask ourselves how divorced we are from Baba Yaga/Mother Nature, since we live in a world devoid of a female symbol and icon system. We simply judge the day by its weather and do not search for the meanings and connections of weather patterns that influence our lives.

The disappearing forests mirror the global plight of women under forestry management or corporations; both the forests and females are collective beings, and their inherent ability to bear witness is eroded and forgotten. The moderating influence females have is absent from the dominating masculine environment we live in.

The moderation of hostile environmental toxins and consumption of natural resources is under the tutelage of Baba Yaga. The power of the weather -- the forces of Mother Nature/Baba Yaga -- actually redresses the extreme imbalance that is crisscrossing the earth.

The recent report in February 2007 by the world's top scientists finally stated what we knew all along: The "warming of the climate system is unequivocal," the cause is "very likely" man-made, and the menace will "continue for centuries."

Baba Yaga/Mother Nature is throwing rocks at us, are we listening?


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