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How do you know that it is just wrong?

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Perhaps it is time to just consider that things and events are not going right. Then again, it is more or less what it is time for not what time it is along with admitting errors and that mistakes are done.

Being open minded to error or mistakes for women is often fatal. One example is the closing down of domestic violence shelters across the country. Women are the targets for violence and all the mayhem involved with subjugation.

For instance, Phyllis Schlafly at 82 was given an honorary doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis. Katha Pollitt, a columnist for The Nation, wrote up a response about Schlafly that definitely was not in the proscribed victimhood women immerse themselves into.

Katha knows that it is just wrong.

Understanding what is thoughtless, Pollitt describes in her column how Schlafly, archfoe of feminism, Darwinism and reverently believing that the Virginia Tech Massacre where women were gunned down was the blame of the English department and that wives have given their wombs and vaginas as property rights to their husband.

Pollitt knows it is time for admitting it is just wrong to hand out an honorary doctorate to the 82 year old patriarchal grandmother and for the male entitled Washington University to own the mistake.

What is striking is that 82 year old Schlafly, who at her grandmotherly zenith is anything but a wise woman or an appropriate role model for women. Yet, this 82 year old is the fancy of the male establishment so insecure and violently opposed to anything but the patriarchal girl/child, mother and/or grandmother.

Pollitt and any other female who knows when it is just wrong find themselves mostly alone. Becoming victims to "explain" or justify with appointed and anointed patriarchal reasons on a never ending scale, Pollitt's column will need to be around for generations.

Endlessly repeated, the same old story and plot is stated. It becomes the mimicry of truth where the 82 year old grandmother is perpetuating male dominated belief system and not her own. What I mean is that women have another generation lost and another generation of females indoctrinated, and the real crux is how tired out and burned out women are in justifying their female existence.

Delusions and illusions are the realities of repeating the same old story and old plots.

What it is time for is to embrace mistakes, own the mistakes and learn from mistakes. It is not the same time, same place to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.


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