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Lessons from Sudan

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Working in Sudan the past year, I have come to understand how Pakistan is another direct link to unrest and extreme violence to an already starving and war-traumatized population.

Foremost is the gender issue, Bhutto's death is taken on as an entitlement and that She should have known better.

While most here are saddened and shocked by the loss, many of these "faithful" and those within their male privilege and male entitlements may think it harsh but believe it very necessary and a profound message to all women to remain at their sub-human status.

In Sudan the women and children are the victims of the violence and are targeted every moment of their lives. Bhutto's death will only serve as a reminder to these women to remain faithful and that Bhutto stepped out of bounds.

I have been reading much of the media. Gender failed to gain any recognition let alone any work to discovery: to explore the issue of peace that requires
inclusion of both genders at a human level. Instead I find most of the women in media or in higher position lament the end of democracy as if democracy also embodied gender inclusion.

I have learned that comments are words without experience or any peaceful actions to follow once it has been voiced.

Women are traumatized about their gender developing into this silent agreement (just like the silent elevator rules where we are not look or speak to each other) to pretend there is no 'gender' targeting and couch it
in the demanded masculine tongue.

Democracy opagues the 'gender' issue rather well so that the real outrage that Bhutto shot in the neck for sticking her neck out is not metabolized and continues under massive female denial.

Will women stand up and be outraged at the continuing violence towards their sex? Or will it continue to be normalized and where we will blame Bhutto for knowing it was a possibility- blame the victim for not conforming and being silent?

Audrey Lorde wrote: "the silence will not protect you."


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