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Baskets, Brooms, Hoes & Rakes

The crisis of self sustainability facing women around the world is sign of the critical mass necessary for global psychosocial breakthroughs

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It is right there in front of me when I make my pilgrimage to Bosnia each year to continue the trauma treatment and training work with the women.

The broom or the hoe with a rake nearby, the third war in one century returned the women back to the moist earth for their crisis of self-sustainability. No jobs, no salaries, no benefit packages, the Bosnian women first person stories in the aftermath of war across the broad spectrum of how violence destructed their life world, remembered their planetary citizenship and kinship with the trees and the earth based practices. Huge baskets of fruit and home grown vegetables stand outside their doors.

In Northern Uganda outside Lira town, the internally displaced peoples shuffled back to their land and ignored the loss of their homes/grass huts and began to eke out a living by planting their gardens. The broom, hoe and rake accelerated the pace of bio-cultural evolution with the Ugandan women's transition and navigating the remaining violence against their female sex such as not having the girl-child at school but in the garden, or to be married and with the horrific last option to be a prostitute.

Chad had the refugee camps outside Abeche with the women collecting the plastic coke bottles or plastic jugs in their baskets regally carried on the top of their heads. The broom was nearby often settled outside a makeshift cloth tarp if they were fortunate to have for a home. The plastic blight foisted upon African landscapes where the polymer shiny black and white shredded bags flutter on desert thorns and bushes are non-existent there near the camps.

Sudan, Darfurs and South Sudan amid the fleeing refugees and the women's struggle to transcend the limits of the fragmented and demented violence a social and psychological integration is transpiring. As the rapes, poverty is relentlessly compressed; it pushes the women towards a psychosocial breakthrough of global proportions. Baskets sway on the women's heads and babies swaddled across their backs as they bow towards the earth in their gardens simply witnesses and describe a conviction that their facing the crisis of self-sustainability is but a global self-transformation.

I learned that the women's suffering cannot be fully comprehended without taking into account their first person stories and her/historical milieu and earthly environment.

It's the pattern that logically follows the baskets, brooms, hoes and rakes held in women's hands. The pattern of hearing the women's voices globally in song, dance and work tasks to be self-sustainable means to move past the crisis of delusions, and empty promises of their fathers, husbands, sons and governing authorities and be naturally pulled towards the larger fields of not just what they planted but global, collective consciousness where the earth based practices rejuvenate the spirit.

Proletarian manual and female owned grassroots efforts crowned with baskets swaying on African women's heads, brooms, hoes and rakes instead of metal rifles or knives activates a powerful archetype where ego death is paired with enlightenment.

With our fuel crisis, pollution of water and our soil, the loss of nutritional content of fruits and vegetables, we in the prosperous country may arise at the same dead-end the Bosnian women have entered without their consent for another war with rape. The same dead end the African women experienced without their female human rights as they are slaughtered and endure sexual traumas beyond the pale.

The crisis of self-sustainability is a liberator and returns us to the ancient earth based practices that enlighten and foster an awakening. Apprenticeships for black-smithing, agriculture, bio-culinary herbal arts and textiles will soon surface and influence us as we pass through the convulsions of induced violence and delusions of grandeur.

The life we had and we have come to know is no longer and perhaps we will follow the South Slavic women's and the African women's examples moving past the various geological catastrophes, global disruptions that demand a complete collapse of life as we know it.

Will we with the fuel crisis, global warming and its effect along with the violence moving towards the crisis of self-sustainability follow the unprecedented global earth based practices reverently worshipped by the South Slavic women as the possibility out a dead end?


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