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Ahmici War Memorial- Kolo Sumejja Women

The commenorative places are inscribed with meaning- the war crimes memorial at Ahmici Bosnia has the frontline women at the table.

Is the Dramatic Turning Point for Women here yet?

Reading an article about how Swanee Hunt advocates for women to be the peace ambassadresses prompted an inward emergency that women are at a dramatic point for civilization. The contents of the article were about envisioning a peace process with women present at the exclusive men’s table. Hunt once the diplomat in Europe has witnessed how females are nudged out the power circles.

The former Ambassador teaches "inclusive security," at Harvard. Hunt points out "Just as warfare has become more inclusive-with civilian deaths more common than soldiers'-so too must our approach to ending conflict." And the goal is not only to end the war, but also to gain "a sustainable peace fostered by fundamental social changes." (
Swanee Hunt Tells Congress That Women Are Essential to Peace Efforts by Mary Thom)

Somehow in between the lines of global events that I researched all in one day as an emergency response, it is apparent to me that it is about getting across the threshold that women have a 51% majority and membership in the human species but not the mankind species. Instead of applying for membership privileges at the exclusive men’s table women are being pushed to understand the violence against their gender and eventually more informed responses other than triple featured faces of the martyr, victim or the patriarchal daughter/mother.

Article after article provided the melt-down proportions of raw violence found in the martyr, victim or the patriarchal daughter/mother roles. In these roles there is no action with plenty women saying “not my husband, son, father”, a refusal to join into female solidarity is pontificated when catastrophic gender violence occurs. It is coming to a dramatic turning point. I noticed how it is mirroring the natural global catastrophic disasters.

I observed how the triple featured faces of the martyr, victim or patriarch’s daughter/mother has propagated riotous horizontal violence amongst women and hatred towards women from insecure males at the bottom rungs of the hierarchy. Coming to terms with the plethora of extreme female victim stories, I am associating a May 26, 2008 headline where Kenyan Rioters slaughter 15 women on suspicions of witchcraft.

One daughter whose mother was killed stated, “My mother has always been a role model to the entire village and why the mob had to kill her will remain a mystery to me forever.” .( Rampaging Mob kills 15 women for being witches)

Hunt’s provocative analysis helps me appreciate the exponential rate at which women who need to be at the brokers for peace men’s table and having more empowerment are being slaughtered as witches, as valueless with their domestic burdens and hoes in the garden or the fodder for military slaughter and war campaigns.

I have witnessed the African women in Chad, Congo, Sudan & Uganda unable to survive or manage through yet another violent epic coursing through their lives. The Bosnian women war survivors and war crimes survivors are erased and made invisible at the Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal where their testimonies were tossed and pitched away as war crimes criminals walked away free from judicial sanctions.

Supposedly, with the global population to be 10 billion by 2030, exposures to new experiences of more virulent forms of violence will not activate greater understanding and informed responses. However with much awaited female response and complete comprehension about the fragile status women have, the Women's Bureau of Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC), Iraq Opening for Peace, Equality and Nexus, communicated a statement to Stop Gender Cleansing. (

Arising from the curses of her sex is an excerpted statement from the Stop Gender Cleansing is the following:

Feryal Akbar, Head of Iraq Freedom Congress Women's Bureau, said:
"Officially released data report that as many as 650 Iraqi women were killed within the first two months of 2008. In the city of Diyala, as many as 280 female bodies were found in a graveyard. Every month, in the southern city of Basra, more than 100 women are found dead. In the northern city of Kirkuk, one of the main hospitals in the city has dealt with a series of cases where no less than 300 women have been killed by violence or abuse in the last eight months. Women are being killed for reasons such as not wearing hijab or wearing pants or jeans. Violations of women's human rights were aggravated by the occupation and al-Maliki regime condones it, and is giving them a free hand."

How effective is Swanee Hunt’s “inclusive security” Harvard coursework for the Iraqi women? Or that matter women globally?

I do not think these Iraqi women nor can most women make it to the exclusive men’s table for that matter. It appears those women in the patriarchal institutions, educationally certified or having at some level power positions with some authority within the patriarchal game plan earnestly and fervently believes in their advocacy work on behalf of females destroyed. Behind it all is a benefit, a payoff for “grace”, “a seat and presence at the mankind table,” and “a stairway to heaven.”

If we let ourselves evaluate the payoff for women advocating because they can and have the means we can see how women pattern their actions and advocacy after mankind dogma. There is a substantial difference between payoff and grace although it becomes blurred when circulating in the high ranking places.

Isn’t it the fevered response to 911, bombing Afghanistan and military campaign that was based on saving the women from the Taliban terror? The state and status today for Afghan women is abysmal and erased from our memories.

This powerful meeting point and force of expansion triggering the regressive rage to slaughter anything remotely feminine ranging to the mother earth is summoning women to expose and expand our innate abilities to birth peaceful cultures and communities across dimensions.

The only female candidates qualified for this work are in the killing fields, barely surviving each day and most often only has attention with their victimhood if it is sensational enough for media. Recruitment for that supposedly lowly female and almost dead from the violence and poverty to be at that exclusive men’s table is completed ignored and neglected.

Hillary Clinton’s qualifications did not secure a chair at the men’s table either after 18 million votes in the primary. It is when other high ranking females like Swanee Hunt or Hillary Clinton lose their investment as a patriarchal daughter/mother such as a primary election ends up with a surprising outcome that is helpful and impacting.

Hillary Clinton’s grace in the face of sexism and hatred is the nurture effect where the female nature is endlessly modified- we are never done with our changes; women are evolving sentient beings. Signaling a swing towards an emergence of female solidarity is where men are included, women never excluded or removed and the children are loved and valued becomes a state of grace.

That is if the glamorous and famous high ranking females would leave behind book deals, prestigious awards, posts to arrive at the dramatic meeting point which would create solidarity amongst women globally. It means no lecturing, no platform that even Mother Teresa herself cannot reproach. Being involved means women are open to joining other women globally.

What if high ranking females are able to summon all sentient beings to our female sense of global community until all feel identified and connected with human beings elsewhere, whatever their ethnicity, creed, culture or gender?


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