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When was the last time there was a movement that went forward through the next generation?

When was the last time there was a movement that went forward through the next generation?

We are kept busy with fighting legislation bent on perpetuating the ‘brotherhood’ and ‘good old boy’ network or even worse surviving the wave upon wave of ‘manmade’ disasters or ‘Mother Nature’s’ fury. Who has time for sustaining a movement? When was the last time you heard of Gail Shenay’s war protest?

The Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo march silently each Thursday since 1977. Within fours years these grandmothers took down the Argentine government that manufactured laws pardoning all those responsible for the tortures and killings.

It is unsettling to see the similar patterns between the fallen Argentine governments (Junta of the seventies) with Bush authorizing illegal spying on Americans made possible with the Patriots’ act. During the Bush administration, our own congress did not clamor for impeachment ignoring the growing ire among Americans to start an impeachment process. There is no forward movement only the same old, same old but with a different label or a name.

With the fear mongering in juntas and the last administration, any American wearing a T-Shirt deemed inappropriate by Bush pushers can be thrown out of ‘free speech’ events and even jailed for their dissent. Ever notice how the Bush administration flagged the yellow alert status each time an attempt to hold our government accountable is pronounced? Instead, we have governmental and media silence as the search for the next crisis is conspired to remove focus and stop any movement momentum.

On that note, the appeal for billions to fix the financial crisis brought on by the very hands who receive the bailout has many Baby Boomers seeing the tanking of their IRAs, stocks and homes. The younger generations for the next several will pay for the bailout of today while current generation will shoulder the burden of the aging Baby Boomers now destitute. The impact economically hits women harder and faster, with a governmental response to help only the construction jobs-mostly male held.

Condoleezza Rice’s Europe trip in late 2005 was saturated with denial of American military torture in secret prisons. While agonizingly slow, the media finally came out the film “COURTING CONDI' FINALLY COMES TO STANFORD.” The film is notable as the first ever musical docu-tragi-comedy in the history of cinema. "Americans are tired at seeing the terrible truths of the Bush Administration," says Doggart. That jolliness comes from the musical and comedy elements. It's a movie as weird and wonderful as Rice herself -- part *Borat*, part *Fahrenheit 9/11*"

Think of the bravery of Argentine mothers and grandmothers silently marching on an ordinary Thursday week day. Think of Gail Shenay’s in the past war protest outside President Bush’s Texan ranch. Since women have no representative body or power rarely does the movement succeed into the next generation.

As in trauma issues, forgetting-amnesia is profoundly availed ensuring the memory loss as a part of scam to take as much as possible. Meanwhile, women promote conforming and Peter Rabbit’s “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Fear did not stop Wangari Maathai from planting trees a million trees in Africa. Beaten, thrown into jail and basically treated as trash and ignorant, the Nobel Peace Prize doctor was able to spur hundreds and thousands of African women to help her plant trees. Basically, initiated and led by a single woman the movement to plant trees became the future with green growth.

One indicator of the “ same old, same old” can be found in Matilda Joslyn Gage 19th century feminist theorist and activist, author, historian of women, abolitionist, and lecturer advocated the separation of church and state. The underlying threat when the Christian group WCTU Frances Willard stated, “Christ shall be this world’s King,” outraged Gage. "This looks like a return to the Middle Ages and proscription for religious opinions, and is the great danger of the hour." And that was the 19th century.

Melinda Grube researched Matilda Gages’ responses: “the Christian Church, of whatever name, is based on the theory that woman was created secondary and inferior to man, and brought sin into the world and necessitated the sacrifice of a Savior. That Christianity is false and its foundation a myth, which every discovery of science shows to be as baseless as its former belief that the earth is flat.”

The same rhetoric is found today with the demand to teach intelligent design versus evolution. Gage would have pronounced again how proscription for religious opinions is the greatest danger. Perhaps, this return to a flat world scheme will galvanize a movement headed by scientists marching on any Friday the thirteen. Obama administration is quickly applying the necessary scientists (mostly male again) finally acknowledging a meltdown of the globe.

But doesn’t this sound familiar with perhaps the Clinton administration approaching global warming issues and Hillary Clinton’s brave and daunting campaign for health care. Neither went forward into the next generation.

Does four or eight years of Obama and Democratic Congress (still reaching for their own pockets) allow for a movement considering the next generation? Most of the steps basically signify everything women have marched for or up in arms have been right and did the best they could to sound the alarm. Yet, it has not reached into the next generation as the same old campaign flyers remain as doctrine for the 21st century women’s movement: are we tired and exhausted of going nowhere but hell?

The financial whizzes have and continue to walk away with the loot with a legislative body of congress still intent on getting a bigger slice of the pork barrel. Meanwhile, senior citizens face a non-existent health care and loss of entire retirement life savings.

You would think after Katrina with the media’s intense coverage that finally spelled out the true reality for many African Americans, mostly women, the elderly and their children that a movement would have been inspired a social justice reform. Expunged from media, women and children become visible only if in victim stance or budget cuts. New Orleans still cannot face another hurricane.

What is going into the current generation is another endless round of ensuring victim behavior and “hapless and helplessness.”

In Fairfax County, Virginia, a mother received an urgent call about her daughter popping a pill in the high school cafeteria. The pill was “the birth control pill” was met with the same severe punishment of suspension as bringing a handgun. The insanity is how handguns and assault rifles in the hands of all male teenagers murdered many students – some at their cafeteria.

Let’s talk porn.

With the economic crisis for women applied through many generations, actress Anna Faris was taken aback with her role and how the film took on a “comic” treatment of date rape. Faris still did the role where one scene is called tender love-making scene, but it is date rape. In that scene ,the role is have date rape normalized as being ok when a female is drunk. Of course, the forumula to get away with murder and rape is to ensure she is drunk, and that she slurs something during the rape—opps, I forgot it is now labeled- “tender love-making scene.”

Porn is here to stay and as John Stoltenberg once wrote “Porn tells lies about women but tells the truth about men.” The same old, same old prevails.

We must add the great Dame Helen Mirren, who in September, 2008 quipped about how she had been date raped on several occasions saying it was a tricky area that should not lead to prosecution. Mirren actually stated: "No, you couldn't do that in those days. It's such a tricky area, isn't it? Especially if there is no violence. I mean, look at Mike Tyson. I don't think he was a rapist."

Perhaps, Mirren remembers and lives the indoctrination that violence is not being locked in a room and forced to have sex. Conforming and not having anything nice to say is basically denial that the invisible scars of emotional abuse and a locked door is screaming insidious violence.

Certainly, it is not moving forward into the next generation. The same legacy of hatreds for her gender is not absolved while repeating the same old, same old we are complicit and collude.


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