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Trivializing Pursuits, Let me count thy ways

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Trivializing Pursuits, Let me count thy ways

At an International Women’s Day event I attended, the speakers used a language that erased female gender and female causes from our ears and women’s ways of knowing. The exact terms spoken were ‘Human Trafficking,’ ‘Human victims of sex slavery’ and ‘victims of human trafficking’. Until I inquired about the gender statistics of human victims of sex slavery and human trafficking, I would not have discovered that in their gender cleansed language that human trafficking mostly affects women and children.

Let’s look at just one statistic (2006), more than 8,000 Albanian girls are prostituted in Italy, and more than 30% of them are under 18 years. One elder woman in the International Women’s Day audience inquired after my questioning of gender specifics, if women were the pimps and making money from the human trafficking. I sat there numb but not dumb, looking at this elder woman who refused to hold men accountable with her female cleansing inquiry.

The International Women’s Day speaker, carefully, spoke that most of the women were forced into those money making positions unlike the men. Although, her right to ask that question is not denied, the rationalizing into trivializing pursuits and blame towards females as an immediate response and inquiry is quite violent. With its ability to stun women into shame and silence, while not holding the men accountable whatsoever, is the elderly woman’s trivializing pursuits a cover up for her rotten foundation of her entire life?

The New York Times reporter Judith Warner’s article, Hillary Fights a Tide of Trivialization, writes of being gob smacked and numb with disbelief, about the treatment given Hillary Clintons landmark visit to the Congo (August 2009). Having been to the Congo twice and working with victims of war crimes and war crimes perpetrators, the mass rapes are being normalized as a part of war and the warring militia’s entitlement. Very little interest or understanding of the Congolese women and young females of what they have endured, is availed to our senses of outrage. Especially, if we consider the unspeakable sexual crimes, such as having gasoline poured in their uteri after mass rapes and set afire. When not conflicted with trivializing pursuits by media and governing officials (mostly males), I have come to an awareness that what happens to her over there happens to us… And what happens to Hillary Clinton has and will happen to you.

Trivialized beyond the pale, Hillary Clinton in the middle of Africa courageously speaks out against the mass rapes, true to her vow when appointed as Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton is dismissed and trivialized (again and repeatedly) as her husband Bill secures the release of the two North Korean women. The women ‘oohhhed’ and ‘ahhhhed’, along with the envy filled males wanting the same spotlight. The knight in shining armor, Bill has his wife’s message submerged as unworthy of media air time or noteworthy. We need to remember that the Congo has experienced the worst war since WWII with an estimated five million killed while we plunder their resources for cell phones, computer equipment materials.

As I recall, Hillary Clintons’ brave stance on Health Care in the 1990’s was trivialized and dismissed. The same legislative actors and voters who dismissed her visionary plan are now doing academy award winning ‘Incredible Hulk’ posturing at town hall meetings. No one seems to remember Hillary Clinton’s work on health care reform started more than a decade earlier. We need to reflect on the dementia onset of Hillary Clinton’s Health Care work and consider the ramifications of the younger generation’s indoctrination of hatreds.

Okay, hurray for President Obama’s Melanne Verveer, the State Department’s new post as ambassador at large for global women’s issues with no budget. Verveer says, “We have our own work to do at home. We trivialize the importance too often of these issues: the women’s issues you put it in quotes, that little category over there, the box you check. What we have to do is realize these are the issues; if we want societies to prosper and if we want our own security, we have to raise the status of women.”

How do we raise the status of women when we either trivialize anything a woman does or take away her vocabulary? For instance, the new “F” word is feminism. The past Bush administration and now with Michelle Obama’s declaration of not being a feminist, shortly after the election or before, is one of the results of steady virulent women hating indoctrination. Michelle Obama is feeling the smack of being the good first lady role with none of her incredible achievements and meaningful work prior to her husband’s election not evidenced in media. In short, Michelle Obama is also trivialized in her first lady role and erased as a female person, but she is really the national treasury’s resource of our country now.

Hillary Clinton was stunned during her Presidential campaign at how she was not liked as well as Michelle Obama facing the fires of women hating and racism. Michelle Obama was chastised during the campaign as being mean- a quality of hers that I profess total worship for. Please Michelle Obama bring it back, we need you. What if Hillary Clinton and our first lady thumbed their noses at such trivial women and men and continued onward in their mythic lives.

Either way, women are labeled opinionated and aggressive- not very likeable if known to have a reputation for that. These brave women are forced to conform and become bland to avoid the hordes of hatreds sprouting more female horizontal violence and misogyny. Rap songs are laden with new “F” words for every part of the female body and female body politic, of course, following suit of the prevailing misogyny. Hopefully, most will not care for the approval or need for a female community that kill off the very one whose strength could save us all. I crossed my fingers at the questioning at the first Puerto Rican female for Supreme Court justice hearings each time I was met with idiotic defensive male inquiry. I was hoping that all would see the trivializing pursuits employed by so-called esteem legislative representatives that we elected in the haze of our naiveté and denial.

The slow, destructive and debilitating response and lack of action is a potent force in trivializing pursuits of womenkind. Women are often told they are generalizing when pointing out how lazy males are in relationships and domestic tasks despite a vast reservoir of studies that actually are politically and poetically accurate. Statistics show males are in that 90% plus range of statistical analysis results. So, fire away those generalizations ladies, since they are not as such and show whatever is political are extremely personal to every female on the planet. It just may slow the dismantling of humanity and begin a story that starts with humanity towards females.

If you haven’t noticed due to the unconscious haze and naiveté blanketing you, men are defensive and defended by women they own and have control over. (Remember, this is not a generalization) Which, if you are still in the fog of denial about, there is legislation out there to control female uteri for abortion rights and other hellish rule of law that surely has females as bird brained idiots incapable of deciding and always needing protection from the very males they are forced to love despite brutal murder rates and rapes. The end result is how women are indoctrinated to worship them and anything male, especially with authority and power. There is a difference between being bird brained and not having a clue to the insurmountable hatreds and violence against her gender; it is called victimhood and always surviving the onslaught of trivializing pursuits.

Domestic Violence laws still have husbands killing spouses despite restraining orders to this day. In the USA, women rape victims pay for their rape kits and DNA evidence is held forever in storage since municipalities cannot pay for the virulently high rape statistics that American citizens are in complete ignorance of. Is it maybe, in most people’s minds that rape and violence only happens in the Congo or Bosnia? Or is it really Cosmos’ list of what men want that reigns foremost in women’s minds as their only livelihood available to them?

Health care issues impact women and children the most and especially with women lagging severely behind males in pay equity and living standards forcing many to consider a number of dead ends from marriage, slave wages, to prostitution. The economic downturn affected women in greater numbers than men and President Obama fosters jobs in the male driven and male employed construction industry. Is it the trivializing pursuits of our denial bandied about here right under our noses and out of our jobs and healthcare?

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The New York Times August 12, 2009, 10:14 pm Judith Warner
Hillary Fights a Tide of Trivialization


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