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James M. Pouillon criticizes father, slain pro-life activist James L.

The great Mary Daly wrote about how men hate women and it is not women hating men. A recent news items from the son of Harlan Drake exposes the women hating crimes his father perpetrated throughout his life.

In this respect, individuals both men and women and whatever idealistic belief investment each have will need to look at the challenge we have for female social justice- our invisible but visible gender/sex: females.

The vulnerability and honesty evidenced in his childhood and its revelations can only help others to engage in female human rights and female social justice which does need men in collaboration.

Danica Anderson


James M. Pouillon criticizes father, slain pro-life activist James L.
Pouillon, in online post

By Laura Angus
September 17, 2009, 4:58AM

OWOSSO, Michigan b Dr. James M. Pouillon, a Grand Rapids podiatrist who had not spoken to his father since 2001, criticized him and the attention he's getting in a post on a story about Harlan Drake, the man accused of killing Pouillon's father, James L. Pouillon, on Sept. 11.

The whole nation is debating if Pouillon was a martyr. Here is what the younger Pouillon had to say in an post on on Sept. 13:

"It will be impossible for some to believe, but my dad really didn't care about abortion.
He did this to stalk, harass, terrorize, scream at, threaten, frighten, and verbally abuse women. He had a pathologic hatred of women: his mom, my mom, everyone."

After my mom finally left him and he lost his favorite punching bag the violence and abuse that was always contained within our 4 walls was unleashed on the people of Owosso.

My dad used the pro-life movement and 1st Amendments foundations to defend him, support him, and enable him. He fooled them all.

He was at the high school because my niece was there, and female family members were always his favorite targets.

Again, my dad didn't care about abortion. He wanted to hurt people, upset people. He enjoyed making people suffer.

His goal was to be shot on a sidewalk. His goal was to make someone so angry, to make them feel so terrorized, to make them feel the only way they could make him stop was to kill him.

His pro-life stance was the most perfect crime I personally know of. He hid behind the 1st Amendment and was allowed to stalk, terrorize, harass, be obscene, etc. These things are crimes. Offending people isn't a crime, and having different political views isn't a crime, but he committed several crimes over the last 20 years and got away with it.

Yes I really am his oldest son. Owosso is now rid of a mad man."


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