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Putting a Story and a Face to Domestic Violence with Bosnian Refugees and Immigrants Danica Anderson's family- parents immigrated in 1951. The infant twins-- the infant with eyes open is Danica. Domestic Violence was and most likely still is considered a right of South Slavic males.

Domestic Violence Visa laws and Violence against Women

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Domestic Violence Visa laws and Violence against Women

In 2003 I did a presentation to a Major Southwest University on the new immigration law that showed promise for women across the globe fleeing domestic violence. I was surprised that the Bush administration put the new law in effect. Nothing did come out of the new immigration law under the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act in the year 2000. What I mean is that not one single “U Visa” was issued during the Bush Administration.

That is until now with the Obama taking over the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services with 4,000 applications approved since January 2009. Wow, what a difference. Nadia Berenstein - WeNews correspondent- wrote an article that best describes the responses within our U.S. immigration.

Yet, I keep thinking of the lag time, lack of response that not just goes on for years but entire generations of women. The right to vote took years in the states, war crimes that include rape took effect only after Bosnian women- Caucasians occurred in the 1990’s. Mass rapes in Africa are a daily occurrence and a male’s entitlement. Rape kits in the states sit on shelves as being too costly to process after the female victim pays for the rape kit in the hospital.

Even as I go back a few hundred years to the greatest holocaust ever on the face the planet, the Inquisition’s war on women, their mid-wives replaced by male doctors, the herbalist replaced by male pharmacists, and wholesale rapes, torture and Femicide was sanctioned by the Catholic Church as their right and entitlement. No apology was ever given and in fact, many men deny that 9 million women disappeared in 300 years of the Inquisition. Whole towns disappeared with the onslaught. The crusades and the Inquistion provided modern day male entitlement having Bush in a speech naming the invasion of Iraq as a crusade.

Laws and proclamations made by governments and the United Nations are just paper with words on it. Just because it is written and just because it is a law on the books means absolutely nothing and no action required. In fact, those laws and the right to do proclamations are a sign of power over and a privilege not given out to the masses. Even though, a man with a truck drove to Katrina to give immediate help to victims, he was so shocked to be turned back because he was not a part of the helping aid network or government—a good old boy hierarchy teaching all to do nothing unless they decide to. The bystander effect is one of the weapons in the arsenal towards complete power over. We are trained to be a bystander, call the police, call the Red Cross but do not move or respond to an immediate need.

Women and victims are simply surviving and barely alive enough to protest and procure enough energy to be a movement to change the status quo- that is how it is perpetuated endlessly. We can see this in the states with our living wage and “equal pay” as never has been enforced. Feminism is another “f___” word according to such a large majority of women, that I am breathless at how men get women to do their dominance by being lazy and unresponsive. Some say that in females genetically remember the holocaust and violence and opt out for silence in desperation to not be the next victim. However, we are next and we are all victims, since what happens to the Sudanese woman over there happens here to us.

These are just some of the tactics and effects in women hating and hatreds. Women as a majority- 51% - are the largest slave wages or slave labor pool availed to the corporate domination in partnership with the androcratic ruling entities worldwide. You can say that women are colonized peoples and in the states are the most needed civil rights and female human rights movements ever. Almost every effort in the blame/shame behaviors are proscribed mechanisms of dominance to be preserved at the cost of women, minorities and the now disappearing middle class.


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