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Do We Forget About IT?

Do We Forget About IT?

Whoopi Goldberg’s remarks referring to Polanski’s anal intercourse and drugging of a 13 year old girl as not rape-rape certainly shows how women are colonized. Women are indoctrinated to be submissive and sacrifice our 13 year old daughters- all daughters to include her. Whoopi is only a mirror of how women accept submissiveness and a servile status in relation to men – who are escalating the status of superior aggressors to higher levels. Let’s not forget Academy Award Winner Actress Helen Mirren’s comment on her own rape as not being rape per se. Can you see you in them?

The damage being that both older women are role models is the point here. However, those role models are essentially what men have accomplished in having the majority of humanity –women- perpetuate their male entitlement to rape and violence. The complicity of violence and rape occurs with women’s denial, women’s inability to experience female solidarity, women’s horizontal violence (hatred, competing, and gossip towards women). Ladies, religions across the board, harbor the worse of this, and perpetuate the insanity of male criminal violence. Note how we legislate the uteri but not the penis. What would that look like if we invested all that energies into legislating the penis?

I have written through the years the apathy of women who do not engage in a movement, who sweetly sing how they are not a feminist as the violence stats show women brutally tortured, raped, abused and murdered. Did you know that the leading cause of women worldwide is maternity deaths? What is chilling is that the leading cause of their maternity deaths is murder. (WHO-

The disconnect between media and what is really happening to women and daughters has saturated the pages with women as sexualized images of hapless, helpless victims. Think of it, there is only one female columnist syndicated, Maureen Dowd, who severely rebuked and had more sexist remarks than her male colleagues for Hillary Clinton. When did we stop listening to women and demanded to just hear the cries as good news and martyrdom women need in order to be superior over male aggression?

When do we not do the “Forget About IT!” and do a movement towards healing and peace for women suffering horrifically?


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