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Bosnian Woman Waving- Invisible to Visible Now she is visible and witnessed- excited to be asked for her picture, her life above Novi Travnik on her small plot of land is hard back breaking work. Crying tears of joy, she kissed my hand- I felt shame knowing that I needed to kiss her hard working invisible hands that cleaned up yet another war on Bosnian soil.

Annual Membership Appeal to be a Participating Member of the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration

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Stop being a bystander to violence and trauma. Instead, stand counted as a advocate- a participating "everday activist" with the Kolo annual membership.

Annual Membership drive so far has gotten patron (s) and a few regular memberships. We need your help.

Listen to Danica Anderson's presentation and interview for the conference As One I Am My Sister's Keeper! To stop the violence against women. Online from
November 25 to March 2010.

For instance, the holidays are upon us along with the ability to write off tax donations. We can take the senseless consumerism into activism. The Kolo: WCCC operates on its membership to heal trauma and bear witness to survivors- with a focus on females who survived violence and wars. This membership drive rests upon your participation. By having your friends and family becoming members- you directly impact international and national communities. Kindly, forward to all those who want to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others!

Danica Anderson, MA, CCCJS #16713

Appeal Letter from Nadine McNeil

‘HALF THE SKY: TURNING OPPRESSION INTO OPPORTUNITY FOR WOMEN WORLDWIDE,’ By Nicolas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn is, in my female opinion, an absolute read especially for literate, privileged [Western] women.

As I drew closer toward the end of reading [it], I became impatient – mainly because I so wanted to pen the impact of reading this daunting account has had on me – in the hope that by so doing, you too may be inspired to delve into it.

Innately feminine and an acquired feminist, I have born witness to the mis-understanding of issues as they pertain to women by all human beings; i.e., males and females alike. Dare to echo the ‘F’ word and the reaction forthcoming resembles ‘prickly’ heat rash.

The extent to which issues affecting women have been normalized and marginalized is in a word, shameful. And in sharing my thoughts, I do not absolve myself from being a part of this ‘shame dynamic.’

For many who will read this, we have been brought up to believe that equality is our inalienable right. Subsequently, to discover otherwise is incredibly confronting. However I refer to this quote:

‘If we firmly believe in certain values, such as the equality of all human beings regardless of colour or gender, then we should not be afraid to stand up for them; it would be feckless to defer to slavery, torture, foot binding, honour killings or genital cutting just because we believe in respecting other faiths and cultures.’

As one who describes herself as a ‘global humanitarian committed to being a catalyst for transformation’ my shame stems from how much I was partly ignorant to in spite of ALL the traveling that I have managed to do in the name of humanity. Here are just a few examples:

• Every day, the equivalent of five full jumbo jets of women die in labour – I am seated in a jumbo jet as I write this
• In instances where women are sold and/or thrown into prostitution and/or sex trafficking they are better protected against HIV/AIDS as, in such instances, they are engaging in protected sex. It is in fact when they marry and start to have unprotected sex that they – and their potential off-springs – become exposed to the deadly virus
• Approximately once every ten seconds, a girl somewhere in the world is pinned down. Her legs are pulled apart, and a local woman with no medical training pulls out a knife or razor blade and slices off some or all of the girl’s genitals. In most cases, there is no anesthetic
• Six of the ten richest self-made women in the world are now Chinese

The business of espousing statistics is a tricky one. Oftentimes intended to create the ‘shock factor,’ the adverse resulting effect is one of numbing out and inaction by the audience to which they are targeted and intended to evoke some sort of meaningful action. After all, how does one relate to millions of girls not completing elementary school – statistics report 57% of 10 million children, the bulk of this percentage being girls – for a myriad of reasons – the main one in poor countries being that it is viewed a better ROI to educate boys than girls.

Meanwhile, in the cozy confines of our own homes we are trying to get one or two children ready for school – where a school bus will come and get them and a balanced, nutritious meal prepared from a place of love is handed to them in a pretty little lunchbox as they bolt through the door with the bellies already filled courtesy of Kellogg’s! In sum, when existing realities are so stark and foreign on either side of the divide, it renders both sides of the equation into a state of paralysis.

How then do we continue to work toward bridging this gap? The first step lies in our own personal responsibility to raise our own levels of awareness. Repeated personal experience has taught me that the most effective way of doing this is reaching out and helping those in need. Choosing to help even one person is a good starting place. In other words, ‘self-improvement comes mainly from trying to help others.’

Some may argue, why help others when I have my own burdens to bear? To this I retort, why not? The size of our burdens is relative. In the words of one of my friends, ‘the weight of her blessings propel her to want to make a difference in the world.’ How honourable it that?

As the world continues to turn, increasingly across the globe, the significance and role of women is shifting from being ‘beasts of burden and sexual playthings into full-fledged human beings.’

In closing, I refer to a quote from the former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan:

‘It is impossible to realize our goals while discriminating against half the human race. As study after study has taught us, there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.’

China and Rwanda serve as living validation of the aforementioned.

As we continue to self-empower let us take on the responsibility to empower another woman in our families, in our communities, in our places of worship, in our countries and in our world. When each one of us commit to helping another one of us, our transformation is virtually guaranteed.

During this year-end time of reflection, my invitation to you is to pause and consider how you may be able to put your gifts to use such that they benefit another. Every one of us has a gift to share and a lesson to learn – otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

‘Women hold up half the sky.’—Chinese proverb

So that we may continue to support and empower each other and hold up our half of the sky, in lieu of gifts, I am graciously inviting your kind donation – given from the heart – to an organization with whom I am closely affiliated and one that is committed to global support for women: The Kolo: Women’s Cross-Cultural Collaboration.

Take action today by visiting:

Whatever you can afford to send will be abundantly appreciated.

Let’s join forces together and create our manifest destiny!

Blessed Love and Abundant Light,


What the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural has been doing and will do for 2010

• 2009 for the Kolo: WCCC connected with Turkish organizations and research at the 9,000 Catal Huyuk archeological site -April. May’s project was Bosnian Diaspora, with Kolo Sumejja Leader Sana Koric and her husband traveling to Washington State for one month. June- Mexico City presentation on the Kolo Trauma Format for Endiku Magazine and Mexico National Human Rights. July-Cuba and its’ struggle to survive three hurricanes and poverty was addressed. October- grant writing and research on Fargo North Dakota’s New Americans with a focus on Bosnian war survivors. November- York University, Toronto conference on Mothering and the Environment had Danica Anderson’s presentation on how Bosnian women-Kolo Sumejja heals a century of trauma. The Kolo Trauma therapies- circle/kolo work continues throughout the year in various venues. Throughout 2009, pre-production stages of production to fund a documentary on the Kolo trauma work Africa to Bosnia have been underway.

• 2010 for the Kolo: WCCC: Documentary/Feature Film Project. Completion/publishing of Danica Anderson’s Book Blood & Honey: How South Slavic women heal a century of wars. New Project, with Kolo: WCCC Board Member Dr. Martin Milner, Portland Oregon. Dr. Milner’s work centers on trauma sufferers and other associated dis-eases begin the initial stages towards healing cataclysmic trauma and stress. The Kolo Trauma Format has provided some impacts for natural medicine in Bosnia and in Sri Lanka such as massage therapists for trauma and medical/dental services. The need for mineral/vitamin supplements in the treatment of the psycho/biological impacts trauma hosts is great and this new project will begin the peaceful steps towards healing. Dr. Milner , with twenty-three years of teaching and medical practice will provide curriculum training to doctors/physicians in Africa, Bosnia and Sri Lanka via a technological venue and of course, with teaching/treatment of patients missions. Trauma Project- Board Member and Nobel Peace Nominee 2005, Wahu Kaara, will travel to Bosnia to work with the Kolo Sumejja Women and Ahmica Women War Crimes Survivors. Reciprocal exchange will occur with Danica Anderson traveling to Kenyan to work with Wahu Kaara’s projects.

• Studio Membership: Fee goes directly to documentary project and to avail your skills or resources for the documentary. This Kolo interactive toolkit helps artists prepare and express the Kolo’s first person story in film and media. $110
• Annual Membership: Members who join or renew between 11/15-12/31/09 will be listed on the Kolo Website as “Everyday Activists.” Discounted fee for Feminine Symposium, May 2010, held in Jamaica Mother’s Day and member can choose to adopt a Bosnian family for 2010. Apprenticeships for members-not just for academia but having your vacation immersed in meaningful work-bearing witness are another benefit.

Membership renewal:
• Send check or money order to the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration, 7638 58th Ave NE, Olympia, WA, 98516
• Purchase memberships online-Paypal (specify Studio Membership or Annual Membership), annual form with list of categories will be attached to your email. Email kolocollaboration. for form

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• Discounts at professional development trainings, including the online training curriculum.
• Subscription to Kolo newsletter full of articles. Option to sign up for a twice-monthly e-newsletter including timely news, events, opportunities, and resources.
• The satisfaction of knowing you are a member of the Kolo: WCCC, in support of a vital and unduplicated resource for healing women’s trauma issues- thus the global community of families.
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[] Annual Regular membership $95
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Use Paypal online- Email form or mail. Or send check or money order in US dollars payable to the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration.
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The Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration is a non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization. Donations by US taxpayers are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
If your employer has a gift matching program, please enclose a gift matching form.
Name [title]_____ [first]__________________________ [last]_________________________________
Research area___________________________________________________________________________
Research, Skills or volunteering offered______________________________________________________________ 2010 has need of film/media/documentary skills from editing to grant writing. Project with substantial healing for trauma to add in Natural Medicines- Minerals/vitamins therapy for traumatized global citizens in Africa, Bosnia & Sri Lanka will appeal to those with skills and interest in the project.
Can your skills or volunteer work be interviewed or written up for the Kolo media/website? [] Yes [] No
[] I am interested in pursuing apprenticeship and to travel abroad under the Kolo Trauma training and bearing witness.
Institutional affiliation (required for student and institutional memberships)__________________________
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[] Permission to post my name on website as a member- Everyday Activist.

Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration does not share personal information with other organizations.

Membership in Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration is an everyday activist response and participatory. Your fee goes directly to those most impacted. It is encouraged to request contact with groups or individuals across the globe involved in the kolo trauma format. Another request is to attend Kolo conferences abroad or in the states. Free access to the Kolo website and articles, reduced fees sponsored events and publications, and access to the members-only email directory.


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