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The Vili (sing. Vila) are fairy witches (Vjestica in Serbo-Croatian). The numerous classifications of the Slavic dryads and tree spirits are exclusively female pointing to how language originated from a mother/sister kinship expression. For instance there are the wood fairy witches (Sumska Vila) and the Vodena Vila (water nymphs), Mala Vila (Little or Pixy) and Brodarica Villa (Undine). Baba Yaga translated is Mother Nature. Baba Yaga according to all Slavs is the most empowered element on the face of the earth. Unable to tame Mother Nature is due to the fragile and yet, strong readdressing of any imbalance that surfaces.

The flooding in 2009 had the thick green flowing rivers in Bosnia-Hercezgovina reaching heights unknown previously. When the flood waters receded, the litter that had been dumped in the rivers draped the trees. South Slavic fairy tales speak of Vily living in trees with silver hair. Many Bosnians spoke of the fable in the aftermath of the flooding.

With the oil spill in the Gulf (2010) and many earthquakes, it appears that Baba Yaga does not exact revenge, but seeks to readdress imbalance.

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