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Valeria Ana Bembibre Interview about KENN®* (Ketonic nasogastric nutrition)

The Kolo : WCCC starts for-profit organisation KENN®* (Ketonic nasogastric nutrition)

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Valeria Ana Bembibre, Masters in International Trade, an Italian citizen was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Argentine nationality). Ms. Bembibre, is a consultant for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina (8 years) with 10 years experience both in Italy and Argentina international institutions.

Nurturing activism for her peace focusing on the global food/hunger, Ms. Bembibre orchrestrates effective responses for women and children dealing with life and death hunger/obesity issues ranging from nutrition, starvation and modern day women’s issue of obesity and stress hormones.

The Kolo:WCCC is currently developing a “for-profit” organization to fight hunger and obesity. We have found that trauma impacts to females escalates a higher impact that swings between hunger and obesity. “Between now and tomorrow morning, 40,000 children will starve to death. The day after tomorrow, 40,000 more children will die, and so on throughout 1992.

In a "world of plenty," the number of human beings dying or suffering from hunger, malnutrition, and hunger-related diseases is staggering. According to the World Bank, over 1 billion people—at least one quarter of the world's population—live in poverty. Over half of these people live in South Asia; most of the remainder in sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia.”

“Causes of death will shift from infections like AIDS and malaria to chronic illnesses ... said, “we’d probably add other risk factors like overweight and obesity.” The Kolo: WCCC has observed in their trauma work how hunger and obesity exacts premature deaths globally.

“The decline in infectious diseases is driven largely by [an] epidemiological transition,” Colin Mathers, coordinator for country health information at WHO in Geneva, told, in which disease trends change with economic development -- infectious diseases in less-developed nations and noncommunicable chronic diseases in developed nations whose populations.”

As the new board member of the Kolo: WCCC, tell us more about your intention to attend to nutrition, hunger and obesity for women globally?

My primary goal is to defend women from any form of discrimination, suffering and from being ostraciced by their conditions.

In my point of view, the fight to provide help and food to women is a relentless strive, with the knowledge that it has been definetly recognized that in countries were hunger is at critical levels, food given to women for its distribution, actually gets to the mouth of the intended receivers, being her own kids, relatives and community and themselves.

At the same time, helping women to loose extra weight and fighting obesity, frequently gained for strong emotional challenges in helping others, is a valuable action intended the well being of the single individuals. Obesity is the most prevalent, fatal, chronic, relapsing disorder of the 21st century and a leading preventable cause of death worldwide, with increasing prevalence in women and children, and important cause of the serious health problems.

As a new member of the Kolo: WCCC my intention is to help women and children to fight obesity without suffering the hunger and following a nutrition program.

This is possible thanks to the KENN system (or Prof. Capello system). This Ketogenic Nutrition Nasogastric System, allows an important loss of weight, avoiding surgery all together, and without the perception of hunger.

Does your advocacy reflect a social entrepreneurship or more of Genevieve Vaughan’s “Gift Economy?”

The answer to this question is strongly connected with my answer to the first question.

My advocacy reflects Genevieve Vaughan’s “Gift Economy”. Through the alternative paradigm I intend to dedicate myself to support women’s rights and achieve gender equality by providing assistance to innovative programmes and strategies that foster women's empowerment with a female and feminine perspective.

I feel that such settlements transcend the divisions between the spiritual and the material in a way is almost "magical". For me (being the giver) does not merely mean “giving” an object but also part of myself, for the object is indissolubly tied to the me: the objects are never completely separated from the person who exchange them. Finally, because of this bond between giver and gift, the act of giving creates an essential social bond that I think will probably offer some of the happiness/comfort the receiver was looking for.

What do you think is needed for women globally and especially for Western women to be conscious of?

I think that women need to realize that social problems are themselves needs that we must satisfy.

On the premise that it is the fundamental right of every woman to live a life free from discrimination and violence, and that gender equality is essential to achieving development and to building just societies, women need to refuse to be a victim and to stand up in their power.

In my opinion, Western women need to be conscious that there is still a long way to transform institutions (private and public) to make them more accountable to gender equality and women’s rights, to strengthen the capacity and voice of women’s rights advocates, and to change harmful and discriminatory practices in society.

Now, western women also need to be consciuos of how women can change the world, by inspiring, motivating and empowering women worldwide to tap into to their own inner strength, by providing them with practical life, business skills and useful information that is easy to access, understand and pass on to others. Enhancing the lives of women impacts the world for generations to come creating a lasting legacy locally as well as globally.

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