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Coffee Cup - Ancient Psychological Projective Imagery Because to the South Slavs' prodigious abilities to be orally organized, to have recall memories intact with accuracy through thousands of generations, the Mother Tongue was and is able to capture understanding and wisdom. The written page can transmit only so much of the South Slavic spiritual meanings. The coffee cup has South Slavic symbols -- an alphabet called "Letters of the Trees."

What the ancient stari Babas (Serbo-Croatian for wise women/grandmother) knew was to have a receptacle that had keys to the esoteric meanings of the first wise grandmothers, mothers and daughters of long ago. Their art of storytelling and storied instructions is done through description as opposed to comparisons, semantics or disembodied scientific analysis.

Healing Trauma through Community and Movement

Categorized in these topics: Bosnia Engendered Practices Female Social Justice Feminine Matrix and Female Culture Kolo Trauma Format Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Social Memory Violence War Women's Trauma Issues

There is usually good reason for following my South Slavic female humanities. It links my childhood, a curriculum of intergenerational traumas, into a parallel trajectory: I share a path in life with Bosnian women war crimes survivors and war crimes survivors. With my clinical practice and trauma work, I must include my sisters in Africa and Sri Lanka with a heavy heart to know how violence against women is a massive collective war unsaid.

All of this affects or influences my both my personal and professional experiences in that my own individual life experiences are embedded in the larger life of our species. My professional intentions and my path towards interrupting the intergenerational violence is both my personal and professional intention that has shown to actually heal our very own communities and could circumvent another century of wars for South Slavs (Mertus, 2000).

However, it requires my painful awareness of my dysfunctions into an awareness that functions differently on either side of personal or professional life worlds: I learn to mediate and integrate these differences and commonality. The outcome is growth. The intentions for this kolo conference – gathering is harmony and partnership. Your Presence is needed and requested.

Presenters submit topic and 250 word abstract for submission. Accepted proposals will have article posted on website.
Topics on Intergenerational Trauma, with a lens towards the female as major caregiver, nurturer and culture healer are requested. Somatic Psychology and all Movement modalities to especially favor dance and folk dancing are enjoined to send in their abstracts.

Volunteers needed for grants and coordination efforts.

Participants need to reserve their space and place deposit by February 14, 2011. Contact the Kolo for more info on costs.

email contact: kolocollaboration.


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