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Malta Ruins

Woman Shaman: the Ancients

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I feel more and more with all that is going on that developing our spiritual clarity, pouring off stress and emotional toxins, and unifying all parts of our being is crucial to our strength, health, wellbeing, morale, and ability to act.

That's why I decided to do a movie about this.

You can see a trailer and read more about the undertaking here:

More detailed information here:!/note.php?note_id=214519618578374

We need to regenerate ourselves, because of the
splintering and eroding effects of dominance culture. I told someone today that this movie is intended as an antidote to that, to women
becoming demoralized, and she came up with this great phrase, "an antidote to the slow cultural poisoning." Or not so slow!

You may be interested in an illustrated article "A non-definition of shaman" I just posted on Veleda. It's based on a summary i wrote for the Woman Shaman course, with images added:

"What shamanism does, in my view, is align body and soul, mind and spirit, into a state of full awakened consciousness. The shaman is
healed by coming into awareness of old traumas, of stuck and trapped energies, and learning to release them. She washes them away, often
literally by immersion in living water (this is the Hebrew wisdom of the mikveh, before patriarchal laws of uncleanness entered in). A modern Japanese prophetess who underwent a sudden revelation spent the next fifteen days pouring cold water over her head. (This repeated immersion in often-cold water has older precedents in Japan.) Modern industrial thinking regards these as acts of madness, but for someone undergoing a kundalini surge, they are an eminently sane response, and a liberatory process of clearing and awakening.

Rest at:

If you like, please share these links ... and if you want to participate in gifting to fund this project, I thank you.

Max Dashu
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