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Claudia von Werlhof’s interview concerning the Fukushima ReactorsCatastrophe: Radiation Exposure, Lies and Cover-up

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April /May 2011
Author: Claudia von Werlhof

Article relating to the 3rd Information Letter:
Rosalie Bertell: Slowly wrecking our Planet
The article has been on our website for some time and has been published in MatriaVal, Nr. 14/11, pp. 35-40 and in: Rundbrief 139, Begegnungszentrum für aktive Gewaltlosigkeit, Bad Ischl 2011
1. Has the new World War begun?
2. Japan and the Chernobyl on the Pacific, the (un-)earthly World War and the beginning end of globalization?
Fukushima ReactorsCatastrophe: Radiation Exposure, Lies and Cover-up

by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
March 26, 2011,
Fukushima Reactor # 4
"Should the public discover the true health cost(s) of nuclear pollution, a cry would rise from all parts of the world and people would refuse to cooperate passively with their own death." Dr. Rosalie Bertell. "No immediate Danger?" 1985, p. xiii
Only when disasters stop rendering profits one stops producing them. Voluntarily or involuntarily, this has occurred in the case of Japan. From now on it can be expected that there are only costs for everyone involved. The reason for these costs is the reactor disaster that is unmasking itself only now as a long term, creeping catastrophe which has not yet reached its climax (Weiss): which is the probably inevitable meltdown or another explosion of the Plutonium Plant Nr. 3, if not of all the others as well - it began with nr. 2 - in Fukushima. Could be that this also applies to other plants, however, Plutonium is 2 million times more toxic than Uranium and due to its half life of over 24,000 years the most dangerous fissile material of the nuclear age. It is produced for use in nuclear bombs and for space exploration.
On 4/11 the two largest new quakes after the initial ones from March and over 1,000 (one thousand!) aftershocks have occurred in the proximity of Fukushima and north of the prefecture. The magnitude was set at 7.1 and 6.4 according to Richter, shaking the earth again right at the coastline
close to the Fukushima nuclear power plants. Meanwhile we are possibly witnessing already the so called "China Syndrome", by which the now officially confirmed meltdowns may have caused hydrogen explosions ejecting nuclear particles as the melt downs move into the floor of the plants and into the ground, moving towards the ocean.
If this is the case there could possibly occur still numerous huge nuclear explosions that would be the outcome of a chain reaction of the core meltdowns. The effects of this reaction could develop into an even more dramatic scenario when the melting down material reaches the divergent boundary of the tectonic plates beneath the Pacific Ocean from where most of the earthquakes concerning Japan have originated.

Meanwhile the nuclear plant operator TEPCO has admitted that the radiation escaping the plant exceeds that of Chernobyl in 1986 causing the Japanese nuclear agency to upgrade the disaster from level 5 on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale to the highest possible level 7, as in Chernobyl. The message of this alarming news for the Japanese people is that they now need to calculate on widespread health and environmental effects. A 30km evacuation zone surrounding Fukushima will not be utilizable for years to come, most probably for centuries. (Ö1 4/12/2011). It turns out that the magnitude of the disaster which was not imagined, but turned out to become an officially acknowledged catastrophe, is heavily influenced by the enormous amount of spent radioactive fuel rods that are waiting to cool off. While there were 2.5 tons of these materials in Chernobyl, we are now talking about 40-60 tons in each of the four stricken Fukushima reactors (Kronbeck)! And this means that the new Chernobyl on the Pacific will most probably exceed the disaster of the Ukraine many times over.
This self- made disaster - the nuclear catastrophe is not known yet in its connection to the earthquake - has led globalization of capitalist patriarchy with its economy and technology, culture and politicians to new limits maybe permanently approaching its self imposed ending (Zion).
However, globalization policy cannot readily cope with this boomerang which hasn't really been noticed yet, or is actually being masked by all means in other parts of the world (Dill). In the end the catastrophe would affect us all, for now limited to Japan, the 3rd largest national economy in the world, then East Asia, Asia, the Pacific and the US west coast, and the rest of the world. The first radioactive clouds have reached Europe on March 23rd and especially concern Hawaii and the US west coast. Only a miracle could possibly prevent the reactors of the plants from melting down and exploding one after another, (Links Dörr, Fischer). Since 3/27 the nuclear contamination of the site has begun to rise so dramatically that nobody can remain close by for an extended period of time. Temporary relief of the nuclear- alchemistic hellfire through the use of salt water has now proven to be the main obstacle for regular cooling down which would have needed to take place with sweet water. The salt water has caked the wiring necessary to start up the regular cooling units and is lying as radioactive water in the plants. 11,000 tons of this water have begun to leak into the environment and are flowing into the ocean. On 4/4 it was officially declared that all radioactive water from the plants will be directed into the Pacific Ocean. At this point the Ocean is already contaminated within a radius of 100km, as Greenpeace measurements reveal. Plutonium particles have also been detected around the plants already.
To begin with, however, we see mothers holding their babies in front of Geiger counters - making the perverted signs of patriarchy crystal clear as hardly anything else, with its life despising and life destroying stance. Meanwhile tap water in the 35 mio. City of Tokyo is contaminated; we do not know how heavily and if increasingly so. The consequences will be unimaginable since water is supplied through the rivers from the north. The wind is blowing towards Tokyo since 4/4, carrying clouds of radioactivity over the city. What will the people do? First demonstrations have taken place, and there will be more. Meanwhile thousands are participating. Until now protests of the people directed against the nuclear industry in Japan have always been suppressed. (Petersen).

The monster earthquake measuring 9.0 (according to Richter), the tsunami, and the nuclear plant disaster of 3/9 & 10 may not have been caused naturally, as assumed by many but rather through the involvement of "Ionospheric Heaters" or even through the HAARP facility in the US. The facility was highly active at the time of the earthquake, as data provided by the University of Alaska suggests (s. to the left on www.pbme-online .org). Other voices argue that the data was recorded by receivers and not by the transmitters of the facility. This however, could be the effect of scalar waves that may have been used, which would not make a difference to measurements (as below). It seems Belgian colleague Peter Vereecke has awoken public interest with his assumption of a correlation between HAARP and the earthquake (email Vereecke). The like exists for people of Switzerland and in connection to the Green Party of Cyprus which has called for an investigation of these correlations (report by Wayne Hall in Greece). Until now only earthquakes that have been induced directly for oil and gas production have been recognized as being caused artificially (Der Spiegel), not however those that have been induced by facilities having the capacity to produce electromagnetic or even scalar waves like the HAARP "Ionospheric Heater" or others that in the meantime have been constructed globally.
The data at our disposal ( about Japan) are not legally relevant since it can always be justified as to indicate research activity. In the case of Haiti in 2010 we faced the same scenario. Currently a direct correlation between the activity of "Ionospheric Heaters" and earthquakes occurring simultaneously at a different location on earth cannot be proven generally. The only thing we know for sure today is that we cannot know for certain which of the many and enormous earthquakes occurring especially since 2010 - namely three times as many as in 2009 (Schweizerische Rückversicherungs- Gesellschaft) - are natural and which ones have been caused artificially. In any case, since the ENMOD - UN Convention of 1977 (!) it is clear that these technological options exist and Rosalie Bertell has proven the development of these weapon systems after WW II in her book "Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War".

In the end, the reasons for this potential mega crime could only be found within the sphere of global competition. The economic success of Asia and the beginning flight from the US Dollar (the Chinese want to see their own currency as the global currency) and the Japanese attempt to protect their currency and finances could have played a role in this respect (Link Conrebbi). It is probably already about an undeclared war among the giants of globalization that has eventually led to using the secret weapon "Natural disaster". This would be a novel and actual world war, as it could literally take place everywhere on this planet. Summing up all the "natural disasters" of the recent years, this may already be happening. In this respect Rosalie Bertell states: The military never uses the same weapons in a new war that have been used in an old one. (2. Information Letter, As she illustrates through historical facts, the earth herself has been converted into a weapon (p. II.6). As a result the earth is being compelled to use her forces against herself and us; in addition these forces are gigantically increased in an artificial way which the earth has never and would not be able to produce on her own! This method alone is a mega crime: the rape, assault and destruction of earth, as if she were a „mega witch"- so to speak the „overall witch" of patriarchy that needs to finally be defeated! Thereby the „earthquake weapon" is said to have been utilized oftentimes in order to blackmail "defiant" governments, like with the Indonesian tsunami at Christmas of 2004 but also prior to that (Fosar/Bludorf). Besides, Japan is said to have been threatened this way in 2010 (Fulford1 Link).

However: Nothing can be proven as directly as it would be necessary to. Even when there is data or evidence of the plasma streak or other electromagnetic light effects in the sky, which are produced through artificial electromagnetic heating of the ionosphere before an induced earthquake, for instance, no outsider can identify who has caused it, where it has originated and what the immediate effects will be. After all there are an estimated 1-2 dozen smaller, larger, and even mobile HAARP like radar facilities all over the world - in Russia, the USA (multiple ones), Puerto Rico, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, and allegedly in Holland, Japan, Australia and China. None of us know what is happening with them and if they cooperate or fight with each other. Only Thomas Bearden, a US military staff and scientist and follower of Nikola Tesa who has dealt with the development of non nuclear Soviet weapons of mass destruction after WWII asserts that he can distinguish between natural and artificially caused earthquakes. We will try to ask him.
New information concerning research on this topic has revealed an interesting phenomenon stating that most earthquakes of the last years have originated at an exact depth of 10 km (Link Conrebbi), including the one in Japan, Haiti, Chile, and the one causing the tsunami in Indonesia. In comparison to other layers, it seems to require a relatively low exertion of additional „pulsed" energy to trigger an explosion of the heated gases and fluids in order to cause earthquakes in this layer.
Another version speaks of a series of subterranean nuclear detonations off Japan's shore, causing a tsunami that spread only in one direction (Fulford 2). This hypothesis would explain the enormous force of the earthquake in a different light and possibly shed light on the question as to why high rates of radiation were detected in the Pacific Ocean off Japan even before radioactive water began leaking from the plant.
Further, Japan's case is exceptional in that there have been a registered 1,000 „aftershocks" up to 7.1 according to Richter, all of them at the same locations in the north east. This seems like an unprecedented bombarding with earthquakes that can be recorded; however, there are no explanations or former examples to go by. There are concerns that the north eastern part of the island may even soon sink into the ocean! (Fulford 2)
Finally, we face the possible option of the earthquake having been triggered through the use of 2 phase ELF Scalar waves (s. Bearden, according to Tesla; Dörr). This could explain why there is no recorded differentiation between transmission and reception in the HAARP facility (time reversal) and why the super construction of the quake with its massive aftershocks remained undetected within the three dimensional space. Scalar waves, though disputed by science, do not require a medium to pass through in order to become effective. They would basically travel through quantum space at the speed of light, time -space functioning as a fourth dimension (Dörr). Is this the reason why no tangible scientific explanations have been published about this earthquake and its enormous dimensions? (Or have we all overlooked them?)
The other question that arises is whether the Japanese earthquake, assuming it was artificially induced which basically needs to be considered, had intended to destroy the reactors of the nuclear plant in Fukushima. It is not a question of "collateral damage", the nuclear disaster of Fukushima alone has caused far greater damage than the earthquake and the tsunami did. According to Greenpeace it is a level 7 catastrophe since the beginning of April, like Chernobyl, and is the largest disaster so far worldwide. Above all we are dealing with a totally different kind of damage here. This damage will take its toll when plutonium from plant nr. 3 begins to leak in addition to the radiation escaping from the three others (Snow). Since the explosions now thousands of inactive, worn out fuel rods are exposed in the pools in which they were stored for cooling (Snow). This fire cannot be extinguished even when the plants are switched off! For human dimensions it burns as an "eternal fire", its decay reaching beyond years and up to many millennia. Therefore the demand: "Shut down!" echoing through the newly ignited anti -nuclear movement, for instance in Germany, is an unrealistic one. "Shut down" nuclear plants are not actually inactive and therefore not "gone".
We cannot rid ourselves of the spirits we called upon!
Günther Anders has described this scenario in „The nuclear threat": namely that we will have to exist eternally with the constant eventuality of a nuclear disaster. This is the reason why those responsible need to be made accountable, lastly not only for spiritual reasons. All those involved will have to acknowledge that this technology is a grave mistake and is a crime relating to the fundamental principles of life on earth and towards Earth herself (Wagner). If this does not take place we will need to calculate the fact that there will be more accidents and life on earth will become more and more precarious! Instead the nuclear lobby, which for some obscure reason is in a position to intimidate governments, gets more profits, power, facilities, tax payer money, guarantees concerning certain liberties of not meeting standards and requirements - such as the disposal of nuclear waste or compensation after accidents - and can produce and utilize horrific weapons; as permissible in weapons used in most war zones that contain „depleted uranium" (DU ammunition), a waste product of the nuclear industry! Recently a US-bomber carrying DU ammunition, belonging to the NATO mission in Libya crashed over Germany! It took the press 4 days to report the incident. (; and Spiegel online).
The illusion of the existence of a "peaceful" nuclear energy, as it had been reasoned to the Japanese people after the events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, cannot possibly be a shared one by anyone anymore. Concerning the nuclear plants in Japan, the disaster was not a sudden event, as in Chernobyl, but rather a creeping one which has just begun, bearing the potential to develop into the so called "China syndrome" which would mean a meltdown of the core through the entire earth, eating its way through it; in theory this would mean that beginning in the USA it would reach the other side of the earth, which would be China. Such a scenario could eventually lead to huge hydrogen explosions dispersing nuclear material as ground water is reached (this was averted at the last moment in Chernobyl - email Dörr) or when the melt down reaches the boundaries of the tectonic plates of the Pacific! In this case the situation would be completely out of control.
The consequences for innumerous people will be grave should the plants have to be given up without "shutting them down" completely, resulting in death and illness for many generations to come. Large areas of Northeastern Japan - and where else? - would turn into prohibited areas extending far into the future and be unable to be accessed. This is currently the case for some of the tsunami affected areas in a radius of 20 km around the plants. Succeeding a further "quake" on 4/11 this zone was expanded to 30 km and in part doubled to 40 km.
Due to high levels of radiation it was enacted to not recover the bodies presumed to be in the area since they are expected to be massively contaminated.
What the spreading of radiation through the flow of the wind means for Tokyo, the rest of the country and the rest of East Asia, yes, soon the rest of the world, cannot be determined yet. South Korea is affected by higher levels of radiation than usual which cause the country to keep schools and pre schools closed due to radioactive fallout when it rains; the nation is to carry out the Track World Championships in 2011. Will this be possible at all? What will the potential profiteers of this event do?
In any case we must assume the worst and be prepared for much greater consequences than after Chernobyl, 25 years ago. Until now the public has not been informed in any way about the truth relating to the dimension of this disaster, just as we know it from Chernobyl. On the contrary, there is still pretence about possible control or even "taming" of the plants, as if they had gone "wild" - when actually they are the most civilized thing emerging from modernity - and the chance of "getting a grip" on things again, although they never had. According to the physicists K. Snow and K. Dörr there is no chance of that happening. The main problem is to stabilize the reactor buildings that have been destroyed and are basically "ruins". It seems as though the operating company TEPCO and the Japanese government have admitted this. Basically they are informing the world that they can do nothing about it!
Whether the foreign assistance offered only at the beginning of April by the USA, France, and Germany will be of any use is more than questionable.
So the nuclear war of 1945 against Japan is practically being followed by a new nuclear war. Are the nuclear-alchemical means of mass extermination unfolding their effect together with the new non-nuclear, planetary-alchemical weapons of mass destruction?
And: Are those in possession of nuclear plants generally susceptible to blackmail?

Despite the experience with the bomb Japan is (was) perhaps the nation with the greatest belief in progress. It never publically suspected the „peaceful"use of nuclear energy to ever have disastrous outcomes similar to the military and scientific experiments, which the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were. (I could convince myself of this some years ago personally in Hiroshima).
By the way, on 3/25 another huge earthquake of 6.8 according to Richter shook the earth in Myanmar/Thailand while for the season untypical monsoon rains caused flooding; driving out tourists in its wake...and I would like to remind of Pakistan 2010. And: since days there is a chain of earthquakes taking place in southern Mexico stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf in the Atlantic - of all places, the largest one with 6.7 took place close to two nuclear plants near Veracruz.
Where is one actually still safe in this world of war? The answer is for sure: nowhere.

An era, if not a civilization as a whole, is ending.
The typical thing about the use of nuclear energy is its "alchemical" use, so called "nuclear alchemy" (Wagner). It exists - as all alchemy - by parting actually "inseparable" material, in this case the atom, tearing it apart, severing and/or dissolving it respectively coagulating it violently. The energy that gets unleashed is so enormous because it involves "what holds the world together in its innermost folds" (Goethe), therefore the foundation of earthly existence. The vital world would not exist as a material one were it not for this cohesion. Expressing it in an old fashioned way: like peas in a pod. However, after all crude material was separated, dissected, and dissolved, the atom "was in for it" in the 20th century, and after that it was the cell's and the gene's turn, yes even the subatomic "particle's" in the Nano range respectively in CERN, the European "particle accelerator" experiment in Geneva (Werlhof 2010a).
So, they know what they are doing!
It is precisely this, which describes the triumph of natural science, not only bringing the macrocosm, including the planet itself, under its power, but also controlling the atomic and sub atomic areas, the microcosm, and labeling this as the "creation" of new "life", of which it virtually wants to be the divine creator itself (Caldicott 2002, Werlhof 2010b)!
The destruction of the basis of existence destroys the basis of existence itself. Therefore it cannot produce new life or even create eternal life; it can only create a new and eternal death!
That is the logic applied here. It is however hidden under the cloak of modern mechanistic understanding of nature being "dead matter" that respectively cannot be harmed anymore. And now man is surprised at the fact that the consequence of this destruction of dead matter causes such mortality. No, nobody wanted death, rather life - this was created in opposition to itself! How can this paradox which is called "the Great Work" and in case of success even "philosopher's stone", be possible? For thousands of years the answer to this has been: precisely through alchemy, the male creation of patriarchy and for the purpose of its implementation! Pater arché - so let the origin be masculine! This precisely through alchemy which is male creation inherent to patriarchy and in order to implement this creation, since millennia! This is a perverted and lethal dream of alchemists and patriarchs. In Japan it can be identified through images of pregnant women and mothers with small children fleeing the life-threatening ramifications. For, this dream and the attempts of its implementation are murderous for them. The smaller and weaker life is, the more dangerous the risk connected to the exposure to radioactivity becomes for it, the embryo and the baby - namely 1,000 times higher than for a grown man- precisely because it trustingly absorbs everything from its environment in order to merge it into its process of growth - basically transforming it mimetically. So do the smallest already learn that they cannot thrive in this patriarchal world with its scornful view on life?
The expectant mother in front of the Geiger counter, and the baby, holding its mother to the Geiger counter -the true image of patriarchy!
Women too, the sex that brings about life, are much more endangered through radioactivity than men...- it is precisely a technology that directly endangers the basis of existence, feeding off its destruction!
So nuclear energy is more, even, than cannibalism, it is a force from the core of the basis of existence, consisting of its decomposition and slow demise.
The situation is the same concerning the atom, if it is considered a living being like everything else, including the planet. So here it is being torn apart even though its purpose, beginning at the starting point of life on earth, is to be the very foundation of this life, to bind together and to preserve, in essence to enable it in the first place. And now it is being killed, alchemically speaking it is being "mortified", even though it is fighting back with all its might, with the means of vitality.
Nuclear fission is therefore a violation of the life principle and its very foundation transcending all ethics and every taboo - even when it does not lead to what we call a nuclear catastrophe!
The convened „ethics commission" on 4/4 in Germany is therefore a perversion as long as it does not call for an immediate cessation of nuclear energy, declaring it unconstitutional and calling for a boycott! However, this is exactly what it is not supposed to do and will not facilitate.
The logical consequence is: the damage to life and its foundations that result from this violation: radioactivity, its emission and fallout. The answer to the murder are decease and death in many forms; one of them being a relentless and long decease and a new and eternal death. Here nothing comes together in an afterlife to journey into a new life again. Precisely this cycle is interrupted now and will not reconstruct itself. Nature's cycle of life and death has been torn apart deliberately and violently. And so it doesn't exist anymore; above all, the still existing cycle is being disturbed by radioactivity and forced to degenerate! A whole chain reaction has begun, only this time it doesn't rely on connectedness of all that has being, but rather on a connection caused by decay.
Where this cycle isn't fully, however partially damaged, it generates damaged creatures. The enormous creative power (Genth) is more or less destroyed, meaning the genuine order of life on earth ( mutilation of embryos, cancer as an illness that signals the breakdown of inner corporal coherencies; similar to Aids and the demise through genetically modified food, s. Grössler).
The „fission products" of the nuclear alchemy are multiple, diverse, but not controllable, re-constructible, or re-captureable anymore. They now lead an independent existence or rather experience their incoherent demise, their fall from the order, their decay (half- life) - and there is nothing that can be done against that. Radioactivity is final. The division has been successful, the alchemical transformation into "useable" energy or weapons has been for a while too; the domination of the in earthly norms nonexistent, destroyed and destroying energy however, is no more. The anger, the horror, the wretched death, and the decay...these ramifications of the last act of murder of Mother Nature are now revealing themselves in all their absurdity, danger, irreversibility and the equally exorbitant criminality of those who have challenged her in their hybris.
Life was violently transmuted into its opposite - this is what this violence; this is what the opposite looks like...
The reaction to the violent splitting of the atom, to the life destroying radioactivity is the mirror as well as a caricature of modern patriarchy at the same time.
It shows us that the „civilization of the alchemists" has reached its end, and that it cannot "integrate" what it brings forth anymore , if we recognize what really is and stand up against it; and if we do not do that, then we hand ourselves, our children and our mother earth over to its assassins.
The deal with the irresponsibility towards life will be made for as long as it renders profits. It reaches its limits and transcends them. When will this be noticed? What will the immediate and long term consequences be? Just a week after the disaster a bank manager said to me: "Real estate in Tokyo has become worthless!"

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(the Links are on

2. Insurgency and war for oil and water - enforcement of the NWO in the Near-and Middle East?
On 3/19 the bombing targets in Lybia through French, English and US warplanes began and were going to be supported by Canada, Italy, Denmark and some Arab countries. On the 3/19 the bombardment of targets in Libya began, using combat air crafts from France, England and the USA, which are supposed tob e supplemented by those from Canada, Italy , Denmark und various Arabian countries. The mission was organized from an US -Airforce base near Stuttgart/Germany.
Once again propaganda - as it did at the beginning of the Iraq war - talks about a humanitarian mission designed to protect the people of Libya from their dictator. The same occurred in Iraq and even though the dictator is long gone, foreign troops are still present. Among other things, this is due to Arabia's oil. And that goes for Libya as well, in addition the country possesses large subterranean fresh water deposits which were meant to be put to use through irrigation plans to green North Africa. Therefore it can be assumed that the beginning war will take a different turn and not merely implement a no fly zone.
If it were about dictators: the region is full of them and most of them enjoy western support. The situation is dangerous, for apart from the Europeans and the USA, it is above all the Chinese who want to "share" in the last treasures of the earth.
At any rate, plans for a „new Middle East" exist for years already and are meant to be integrated into the „New World Order", NWO, of the west intending a complete transformation (Hillard). Michel Chossudovsky even suggests that there are plans for a nuclear attack on Libya!
If „natural disasters" have been made to be part of the plan is unknown. However, the basic alchemical trend is identifyable without this knowledge: Destruction of the encountered - mortification - re-construction - great achievement- up to the "birth" of a NWO in the Near and Middle East.
Years ago Condolezza Rice, former US secretary of state in G.W. Bush's cabinet, defined this process as a necessary „destruction" with an adjoining "birth". Thus there are larger plans hidden behind the events currently taking place in this region
Chossudovsky, Michel: Seit wann erlaubt die UNO-Charta den Amerikanern, ihren Staatsbankrott mit noch mehr Krieg zu lösen? in: Zeit-Fragen, Zürich 22.3.2011, 19.Jg., Nr. 12
earlier article entitled America's Planed Nuclear Attack on Libya, (PART I) provided details of the Pentagon's plan under the Clinton administration to wage a nuclear attack on Libya.
America's Planned Nuclear Attack on Libya
- by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky - 2011-03-30
Thinking the Unthinkable. The Pentagon's Plan to Nuke Libya

Dangerous Crossroads: Is America Considering the Use of Nuclear Weapons against Libya? , Part II, 2011-04-07

Hillard, Pierre: Die „neue Weltordnung" - ein Angriff auf den Islam, in: Zeitfragen, Nr. 11, Zürich 14.3.2011, S. 3-4; vgl. auch
An open letter by Russian Physicians in Libya to the presidents of the Russian Federation of Ukrainian citizens, Belarus and Russia, working and living in Libya, March 24th 2011, Tripolis.

I. Outreach/Lectures/Publications for PMMO

1. Lecture by the Bolivian ambassador to Germany and public introduction of PMMO on 4/6/2011 at the University of Innsbruck, Univeritätsstr. 15, HS3, SOWI, 7-9 P.M. (s. (s. poser on the website)
Ambassador Walter Prudencio MagneVeliz, who was also present at the founding of PMME in Hambach, travelled to Innsbruck on behalf of his own wishes. He spoke about „Mother Earth and the Cosmo Vision of the Andes and the ritual use of coca leaves in the community of the Aymara" - as the president of his country, Evo Morales, had done the year before at the UN convention.
We began the lecture with a public introduction of PMME in connection to the international sister organization, the Bolivian Pachamama movement. There was large attendance at the event and will soon be able to be viewed on the Uni www.

2. International Day of Mother Earth, Berlin 4/22/2011
In acceptance of Bolivia's suggestion, the UN enacted this anniversary in 2010. We, the PMME, celebrated it together with the women of MatriaVal at 11 A.M. in front of the Pergamon Museum. We had banners and some of us spoke. Our banner stated: „Stop the matricide of our planet!".

3. „Congress on Matriarchal Studies „The time is ripe!" in St. Gallen, Tonhalle, CH May 12th - 15th 2011
Will participated through our presence and a lecture about PMME by C. v. Werlhof

4. The development of the "Critical Theory of Patriarchy"
Introducing PMME, lecture C. v. Werlhof at the „Women's discussion evening - Ladies Only", on Tuesday 6/7/2011 at 7 P.M. in the Frankfurter Club Voltaire.

5. Interview with Claudia von Werlhof in „The Planetary Movement for Mother Earth", since 3/3/2011 online, 55 minutes,

6. New in English: C. v. Werlhof: The Failureof Modern Civilization and the Struggle for a „Deep" Alternative. On „Critical Theory of Patriarchy" as a New Paradigm, Beiträge zur Dissidenz, Nr. 26, Frankfurt/Paris/New York, Peter Lang 2011.
The book contains the first articles and speeches about the PMME in English language.

7. Translation of Rosalie Bertell: Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War. The translation is a draft by Dietmar Fischler which had just been completed. Proofread by Christa Mulack . Some updates are being reviewed. Rosalie was ill repeatedly and for a long time which caused delays. We could perhaps face some financial problems. We are still battling problems with the publisher.

III. What to do?
Our account will shortly be devoid of funds! We urgently require funding - for translations, printing costs, public relations! (Account nr. on our website In return we will not charge a membership fee.

- Assistance: Membership, spreading of information, the supply of the same, assistance with the analysis of realities, Sayings for PMME banners.

- Change of the electricity provider, in order to not consume electricity produced in nuclear plants.

- Suggestions to publishers that qualify to publish a series of the best books critical towards nuclear energy of the 70ies - 90ies by authors such as: Günther Anders, Rosalie Bertell, Marina Gembaroff et. al., Robert Jungk, Friedrich Wagner... WHO WOULD TAKE CHARGE OF THIS TASK?

- Public indictments!


From an interview with the green member of EU parliament Daniel Cohn-Bendit with Patrick Pasin, Intervention by Rosalie Bertell: quoted from: Andre LARIVIERE Sent:Wednesday, March 23, 2011 3:52 AM To: Katy Nicolatos Cc:Subject: Re: Announcing the inaugural meeting of the Balkan Anti-Nuclear Coalition (BANC)
Rosalie Bertell:
.. I think the secrecy of the military is something that is in many ways destroying a civilian economy, because they are allowed to do things and then declare them secret for national security. But my security depends on air, water, land and food.
And so if they are doing something in my air, I have every right to know about it, because my security is essential to national security. So, the secret wall between what the military does and what the people are allowed to know is wrong. It's wrong.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit:
Absolutely. There is indeed in the various commissions the problem of the armies and it is obvious that military policies are part of the problem of climatic degradation. Now all this reasoning precisely supports demilitarization, disarmament. I believe the climatic dimension is a new dimension in which it is necessary to introduce the argumentation for disarmament.

Rosalie Bertell:
But at the Copenhagen summit, it was only questions of CO2, not of climatic degradation by the military.
According to a delegate with whom we spoke, several countries would have threatened to boycott the past summits of Rio and Kyoto if the military question was added on the agenda.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit:
There is always an attempt by the states to evade the military question. Transparency is something very complicated for the government. They try not to speak about the army, and that is something we must attack, that we must refuse.


We cannot put up with the self -proclaimed masters of the world that destroy this very world and us along with it. We must confront governments and political parties, military, corporations, natural scientists, and engineers working towards a demolition of the planet, with a boycott and our opinion of them being criminals together with those they work for and let them know that we want to see them in international courts.
"The league that believes it has everything under control" (Wolfgang Hingst „They think nature as a whole lies before their feet, controllable"., 4/3/2011

- SUPPORT for the OPEN LETTER by 300 scientists/academics in Germany of 3/30/2011: „A turn in energy policy now!"
(Contact Prof. Dr. Eicke Weber, PR-Agentur Solar Consulting GmbH), 4/3/2011

- SUPPORT for the OPEN LETTER of the Mediacal Assosiaction critical of nuclear energy IPPNW of 4/2/2011
„...We demand..., that the German nuclear plants be shut down permanently due to substantial hazards relating to § 17 Abs. 5 Atomgesetz ", 4/3/2011

- SUPPORT for DEMAND of a GLOBAL NUCLEAR EXIT by the alliance of 50 winners of the "Right Livelihood Award" and members of the World Future Council of 3/29/2011,, Excerpt:
„Problems cannot be solved by creating new ones". Nuclear plants need to be substituted by alternative forms of energy.


PETITION for the International Court, signed by 22 of the Right Livelihood Laureates at their 30thAnniversary Conference in Bonn, Germany, 14-20 September 2010.
Submitted for signing by Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Laureate, year 1986.

It is morally reprehensible and an offense against humanity and the Earth to interfere with the normal function of the planetary system - to cause or enhance storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, monsoons, mudslides, draught, flooding, earthquakes or volcano eruptions!


[1] Translation by Pamela Oberoi

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