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Braving Agressive Anti-Abortion Protesters

Marked by reverse dominance- women are tragetically targeting other women- agressive Christian anti-abortion protesters use bullhorns, screaming at Feminist Majority Participants accentuate the need for women to be subordinates and to feel their submission according to their male dominant religion doctrines. A video of the protest is a must see-- here on this website.

I do not like raging at Feminists

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I do not like raging at feminists. I am a feminist and have spent many years trying to build feminist community, help empower women, and stop violence against them.

It is safe to assume that feminists of different stripes share at least two basic principles: 1) one's dignity and sense of self-worth should not depend on one's gender; and, 2) opportunities for achievement should not favor one gender over another. Almost all feminists have been willing to substitute race and ethnicity for gender in these two statements. Almost all feminists would argue that to set the oppressed against each other is reprehensible and undermines these principles. We rise or fall together. Isn't this what feminists have believed?

This brings me to my main concern. Does feminism cross political boundaries or does it not?

Do we believe that feminism is too great and necessary to be reserved only for members of one political party, and for those who want to take a stand against the fair-weather feminists who put their political party's agenda before their feminist beliefs? Is there room for all of us to come together in the name of feminism to get things done, to make our great country an even better, more equitable place to live?

If the answer is "yes," then is feminism now so successful that feminists of any one political persuasion can afford to alienate their sisters who happen to vote for candidates on the other side of the aisle? Should we expect our Executive and Legislative branches to operate as much as possible in a non partisan manner to do what is best for the country and the people living in it when we are not able to do likewise within the realm of feminism?

If the answer is "no," then are we not pitting feminists against one another? Must there be some sort of litmus test beyond the above definition to prove our worthiness of being called feminist?

With best and kindest regards to all my feminist sisters,

Nancy Rudins


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