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Crisis of Self Sustainability: Learning Intensive Coursework-Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training

Former Yugoslavia region experienced 100 years of war and has intergenerational trauma in three generations. As we show no signs of pulling back from our violence and policy of perpetual economic expansion, the only unknown seems to be how severe the ecological and catastrophic impacts in the aftermath will fuel self-sustainability crisis.

Learning Intensive Online Programs

Learning Intensive Online Programs and coursework are based upon the Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training format applied internationally since 1999. The Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training continues in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Novi Travnik, Sri Lanka, Africa and Haiti.

Learning intensive programs foster humanity towards self-sustainability by learning from crisis, traumas and the past into what is happening in this present moment. Within crisis & traumas, the ancient ways and earth practices resurface to readdress the imbalance scarring the world as we know it today.

The Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training has responded to Sri Lanka’s over two decades old war and Tsunami in 2004. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, The Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration instituted an annual gathering and certified 22 Kolo lay-practitioners in the past decade. In Uganda, north of Lira Town, the Kolo Trauma Treatment facilitated a gender based violence program with the Kolo Trauma Treatment format as its foundational resource. Africa- Chad, Congo, DRC and Sudan are among the global inter-related sites that experienced the Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training.

Based on the circle format, the South Slavic Oral Memory Traditions are the earliest known forms of somatic based psychology and sensorimotor psychotherapy. Sensorimotor psychotherapy is focused on the body’s locomotive motor behaviors involving postures presented by the body. In other words, current innovative psychotherapy paired with neurobiological and neuropsychology understands that trauma is embodied which is preserved and continues to be applied in the kolo.

Trauma is an embodied psycho-biological process. The kolo trauma treatment and training for self-sustainability is therefore easily integrated across cultures.

Participation in the offered experiential curriculum funds ‘The Kolo's Trauma Treatment and Training’ in Bosnia.

Coursework is available- online curriculum – as well as facilitating groups on offered coursework.


The Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training–Practitioner Certification Program

Based on over a decade of internationally renowned application the Practitioner online certification coursework was developed due to the powerful demand for intensified learning applications about the Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training format.

The Practitioner certification program consists of written materials, audio and video and according to specific coursework interactive online seminars and teleconferences. Cyclical workshops and coursework is offered throughout the calendar year.

Level One Kolo Practitioner requires 45.0 hours of intensified coursework.

Level Two Kolo Practitioner requires 90.0 hours of intensified learning coursework and one international onsite intensified learning practicum.

Level Three Kolo Practitioner requires 120.0 hours of intensified learning coursework and two international onsite intensified learning practicum.

Membership Discounts provided accordingly and access to archived materials.

Introductory Intensified Learning Online coursework I. 4.0 hours. In this intensified learning coursework, the modules material are on the origins of the kolo-circle format that is inclusive of interdisciplinary fields of archeology, archeomythology, matrifocal studies, women's studies to Quantum Psychology. Trauma defined is based on neuroscience, neuropsychology and somatic psychology, to crisis and disaster response protocol.

The Practitioner coursework I illustrates a concept based approach. The intensified learning coursework commences to build an engendered foundational perspective of human needs in emergent situations. Recommended coursework prior to onsite Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training internationally and required before taking other coursework. $95.00

Intermediate Level- Practitioner Intensified Learning- Holocaustic, Genocide and Gynocide Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training. 16.0 Hours

Material is difficult and may traumatize individuals. Considering the escalating catastrophic violence across the globe, genocide-genocide are rarely looked at and researched. It is a rarity to have online coursework concerning Holocaustic Trauma treatments and training approaches. Holocaust comes from the Greek word “olos” and” kaustos” for burnt. The use of the word Holocaust began in the 5th century BCE and most likely referred to devastating wild fires. Web interactive meeting 2 hours, reading list, written assignments, and individuals will develop a presentation of material. $350.00

Beginner to Intermediate Level- Disaster and Emergent Crisis Response and Management Intensified Learning module.10.0 Hours

Based on the twelve years of Kolo Trauma Response internationally, critical information allows extremely sensitive situations to maintain a dynamic equilibrium and capacity to self-organize a state of being essential in the aftermath of disasters and crisis. The Kolo protocol is cross cultural, engendered and diverse generating complex patterns of response to the myriad of physiological events and psychological impacts found in crisis situations. $225.00

International Onsite Bosnia-Herzegovina, Annual Gathering October 13, 2011 to October 21, 2011, Advanced Learning Intensive. 30.00 Hours.

Kolo Board Member and 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Wahu Kaara keynote presenter and Novi Travnik’s Kolo Sumejja host the gathering. Kolo-round table discussions on trauma treatment and training within the Kolo Self-sustainability format for specific treatment intervention of intergenerational trauma. Instructions on the folk round dance-kolos, bioculinary classes (chef classes for Bosnian fare and herbal remedies) are the cognitive focus on the soma/body coupled with the inclusion of different sensory cues (physiological functions) to emotional affect towards health. $1800.00 does not include airfare, transportation or lodgings expenses.

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