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Blood & Honey

Blood & Honey is the definition and translation of the word Balkan. Danica Anderson's book "Baba Yaga Crone Inscriptions, Blood & Honey," is an art deck of archetypal symbols of ancient South Slavic female humanities


“South Slavic Blood & Honey Oral Memory Traditions”

Bosnia & Rome Women’s International Day Schedule-Conference 2010 March 15-25th, 2010

Bird Killing 300 Mile Coastal Toxic Algae Bloom & South Slavic One Species Mind

Blood & Honey” Motherline Archaeologies of Balkan Memory: How a Small circle of Bosnian Mothers & Grandmothers- War Survivors and War Crimes Survivors- Heal Trauma to Halt Another Century of Wars ,


Three-Fingered Bird Goddess

Kolo Dancing

Open Arms in Travnik Bosnia

Memory Tattered and Torn is now striking Feminine Potential

Bosnian Diaspora- Susana Koric with Danica Anderson

Bosnian Diaspora at Washington State Park

Bosnian Diaspora- Susana & Nihad Koric

Bosnian Window and Doors of Rubble

Bird Goddess Sarajevo Stari Baba (Wise Grandmother)

Bosnian Coffee Cup Reading Travnik Bosnia


South Slavic Fish Goddess

Three Wise Grandmothers Iconic Messengers

Blood & Honey Icon Tree/Water Spirits- Brodarcia Vila – a water sprite


Kolo-Round Dance, Blood & Honey Icon

Bird Goddess Winged

Blood & Honey Icon: Goddess Dodola-Cloud Woman

Blood & Honey Icon: Molecular Domestication

Blood & Honey Icon: Transparency & Invisibility

Bare feet

Storied Aprons

Balkan Bird Goddess-Storied Aprons

Slavic Goddesses Psezpolnica & Polunocnica

Bear Slavic Madonna

Bogumile Lost Goddesses

Bosnian Night Flight

Amijca Bosnia Women War Crimes Survivors Painting

Vinca Serbian Figure Heads

Cycladic Pregnant Goddess

Blood & Honey Icon "Hands & Feet"

Baba Yaga The Widow Goddess

Balkan Bird Goddess Crowned & Enthroned

Balkan Bird Goddess Enthroned

Balkan Divine Nurse Bear/Bird Goddess

Balkan Bird Goddess-Duck


South Slavic Old Europe Women's Chant Neolithic Memory

South Slavic Old Europe Women Chant Goat pipe instrument

South Slavic Old Europe Women's Chant Sung Poetry

South Slavic Old Europe Women Song Tepsija (Roasting Pan)

Vulka Na Burza Dumase

Dodolica Pesna


Short Interview with Mary Sherhart

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