Danica Anderson, PhD
Founder and Director of Programs

Dr. Danica Anderson, is a clinical psychology doctorate with concentration in Somatics, received her PhD from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Since 2005, Dr. Anderson has served as Psycho-Social, Gender Victims Expert attached to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Since 2013, she has consulted with the United States Department of Defense in Afghanistan. She witnessed the banishment of Afghan women and how it rendered them invisible to the world.  Through decades of experience witnessing war trauma gave her all the insight needed to publish two books, (1) Blood & Honey Icons: Biosemiotics & Bioculinary, and (2) Blood & Honey: The Secret Herstory of Women; South Slavic Women’s Experiences in a World of Modern-Day Territorial Warfare. Her international keynote speeches and presentations focus on healing trauma through female social collectives and the Kolo Informed Trauma Care method.

Through my time in the international killing fields I witnessed trauma, how it is contagious, and the single unifying force to recover and prevent it, is female human rights.

For over a decade I sat in kolos (Serbo-Croatian ‘to be in a circle or round folk dance’) with the Bosnian women war crimes and war survivors. My doctorate in Clinical Psychology, concentration in Somatics only added to my knowledge. My intensified learning began with my mother who survived WWII concentration camp Jasenovac, former Yugoslavia. I had the realization that my grandmothers and mother survived a century of wars in former Yugoslavia. I knew their trauma is passed down through the generations; transgenerational. What sets me apart in the field of psychology and trauma is my life experiences cascading over my formal education.”

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Areas of Specialty

Trauma Treatment, Food in Conflict, Crisis Intervention, Train the Trainer, Forensic Psychology, Life Training, Field Experiments, International Court Proceedings, Curriculum Development, Project Management, Research Methodologies, Grant Development, Biosemiotics & Bioculinary, Education, Environment, Health, Humanitarian, International Issues, Social Justice, Indigenous Rights

Regional Experience

Afghanistan, Bosnia, Central Asia, Europe, Middle East, Sub-Sahara Africa