Artist Connie Greyhorse Simpson with her Blood & Honey Icon artwork has progressed past the “disorder” and social amnesia about the Bogumiles as she puts the Lost Goddess in front of the sarcophagus Bogumile stone with a male god, the Bogumile (translates into beloved of the the God/dess) close by. The Bogumiles were known to have been practicing the holy Pagan mysteries of the Lost Goddess. The Bogumile standing stones some in shapes of Sarcophagus or in fashion of the Muslim grave markers, here in Bosnia by Mt Vlasic are suspiciously avoided by the South Slavs remaining intact after three wars. Greyhorse-Simpson’s artwork reminds us of the secret form or expression of the Bogumile stones to give a dynamic quality picture of the South Slavic past and HERitage. Marjia Gimbutas stated that the archeological sites were always nearby great beauty- the landscapes such as rivers, mountains and forests. This hold true for the Bogumile Standing Stones in Bosnia.