Researchers have hit upon a key source of evolutionary innovation called “Molecular Domestication,” where domestication stitches bits of DNA from different sources to produce a fully functioning organism. Connie Simpson artistic representation of Molecular Domestication infuses Vinca culture- Old Europe into this Blood & Honey Icon.

Despite the male researchers terming ‘innovation’ of domestication the ancient Bird Goddess is known to appear to new mothers while they sleep to clean, and stitch up their home/nest. This ancient South Slavic fable is the first innovative research into molecular domestication.

Ancient South Slavic grandmothers observed the birds as they manifested their nests, piece by piece. The Domestication is inherent in female biology and presents itself in life experiences. Despite the drudgery and repetition of unending unmitagating tasks in raising a child or the household, molecular domestication is at work as is evolution.