She is the Goddess of Air, often known in modern eras as Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom. Her reign is of the clouds and her mode of travel is a chariot drawn by two white horses. In Serbia, She is also known as Doda or Dodola – and is associated with rain.

Artist Connie Simpson has this Blood & Honey Icon against the blue sky and clouds as a commenrative and for immediate memorialization practices. Taking architecture as the focus after her tour of Bulgaria where many rooftops and chimneys successfully argued how “Old Europe” continues to be perserved by the South Slavs & Bulgarians, Connie Simpson reconstructed into her art the Great Mother authority (Baba Yaga) and HER identity stamped in prehistoric contexts.

Goddess Dodola ─ another aspect of the Slavic Bird Goddess ─ flies over the forest every spring, painting lush vernal greenery and spreading blossoms across the wild woodlands.

Bulgarian Slavs and Serbians only hold their ancient ritual called Dodo-le or Perperuna festivals when there is a drought. In a kolo, round dance, young maidens dressed as trees chant rain songs, sparking the ages-old belief that we are walking trees and share a sister kinship with the forests and trees. It is only through the chanting of young women in their rich greenery costumes resembling the trees in the kolo that the Goddess Dodola obeys and releases the rain from the clouds.