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Feminine Matrix – Female Culture and Humanity – The War Never Ends

News from the Field Fall 2003 Battered by incessant wars and rapes since Bronze Age, females are in deep shock and have amnesia regarding female culture and female humanity. Imbedded from thousands of years of genocide practices, fear, generations long, has become this amnesia and female silence. 2003 was a crisscrossing of the globe. In [...]

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Creepy Normalization Man”u” Fractures Amnesia of What Sustains Us All

Creepy Normalization man”u”factures Amnesia of what sustains us all What I learned from my travels of 2007 & 2008 into Africa and Bosnia   Amnesia-Blindness Affliction When I heard the pain in her Congolese narrative, when I felt the sharpness of sight uncensored, absent of amnesia, my inward gasp announced shock at what others encounter [...]

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Syrian War

On October 4, 2012, after a Syrian bombing kills five women and children in a Turkish border town, has CNN interviewing former Nation ‘Supreme’ Commander, Wesley Clark, as their media an expert. Clark states that the killing of Turkish mother’s and children, “It happens…..civilian casualties.” Citing it is a part of a broader conflict and [...]

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Her political activities define her radical nature

Wahu Kaara and Danica Anderson, Female Solidarity   Wahu Kaara, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee/Winner 2005, board member of the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration is a leading advocate for social justice in Kenya. She says: “African women are not dying for Africa anymore; they want to live for Africa.” She works for the Kenya Debt [...]

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Witnessing in the Congo DRC, Africa

Witnessing in the Congo DRC, Africa by Danica Anderson If you had the exquisite pleasure to witness the Congo-Africa, I am sure you would witness what I have observed.  The violence and conflicts are intergenerational practices in postlithic societies. It is no small wonder that Post Traumatic stress is, also, intergenerational.  In Paleolithic and Neolithic [...]

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The Wild Elephant Encounter

The wild elephant encounter In 2003, an Italian NGO and UNICEF contracted me to go to Anaradapura in Sri Lanka and teach on the subject of gender-based violence. As part of the assignment, I was ensconced in a small house on the grounds of a hotel resort run by a Sri Lankan and his Italian [...]

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