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Bird Killing 300 Mile Coastal Toxic Algae Bloom & South Slavic One Species Mind

The Duck Masked & Crowned Bird Goddess dressed in her bolero jacket (Late Vinca Culture, 4500 BCE)is mirrored in the Sarajevo Stari Baba making a living from selling seeds so that others can see HER-the Bird Goddess. The toxic algae bloom has armed scientists with a new theory. In place of observations or [...]

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Her political activities define her radical nature

Wahu Kaara and Danica Anderson, Female Solidarity   Wahu Kaara, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee/Winner 2005, board member of the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration is a leading advocate for social justice in Kenya. She says: “African women are not dying for Africa anymore; they want to live for Africa.” She works for the Kenya Debt [...]

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Witnessing in the Congo DRC, Africa

Witnessing in the Congo DRC, Africa by Danica Anderson If you had the exquisite pleasure to witness the Congo-Africa, I am sure you would witness what I have observed.  The violence and conflicts are intergenerational practices in postlithic societies. It is no small wonder that Post Traumatic stress is, also, intergenerational.  In Paleolithic and Neolithic [...]

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Why Soldiers Rape By Helen Benedict, In These Times

Why Soldiers Rape  By Helen Benedict, In These Times Printed September 13, 2008 Editor's note: This article is adapted from "<>The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq," to be published by Beacon Press in April 2009. An alarming number of women soldiers are being sexually abused by their comrades-in-arms, both at [...]

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The Wild Elephant Encounter

The wild elephant encounter In 2003, an Italian NGO and UNICEF contracted me to go to Anaradapura in Sri Lanka and teach on the subject of gender-based violence. As part of the assignment, I was ensconced in a small house on the grounds of a hotel resort run by a Sri Lankan and his Italian [...]

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