Ways we collaborate


The Kolo: Women’s Cross-Cultural Collaboration centers itself in collaboration.  Below explore the ways we collaborate, modelling the motion of Moist Mother Earth.

The Kolo is open to many types of collaboration and welcomes you to contact us about possibilities.


Conferences internationally bring together vast memory banks of experience and tacit knowledge for synthesis
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With over 17 years of The Kolo: WCCC work in the field is synthesized and presented to peers and colleagues.
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Since 1999, The Kolo: WCCC has been in the field, collaborating with war crimes survivors with the Kolo Trauma Treatment
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Participate Online

Join thousands of women and men in sharing and dialog on the Kolo Facebook

Participate online shoulder to shoulder with females worldwide

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Listen to audio and video recorded interviews with Danica Anderson, founder of The Kolo: WCCC

Audio and visual interviews deliver first hand account

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Kolo Informed Practitioners

Laypractitioners of the Kolo Trauma Treatment Format are certified earthwide
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Learn alongside The Kolo: WCCC in learning intensives
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The Kolo: WCCC collaborates with other blogs

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Kolo Books

Over sixteen years in Bosnia with war crime surviviors, a synthesis has since produced two books
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