About Education Programs

Based on the circle format, the South Slavic Oral Memory Traditions are the earliest known forms of somatic based psychology and sensorimotor psychotherapy. Sensorimotor psychotherapy is focused on the body’s locomotive motor behaviors involving postures presented by the body. In other words, current innovative psychotherapy paired with neurobiological and neuropsychology understands that trauma is embodied which is preserved and continues to be applied in the kolo.  The Kolo: WCCC offers an array of learning intensives accessible to all walks of life, from the layperson to clinical and field professionals.

Trauma is an embodied psycho-biological process. The kolo trauma treatment and training for self-sustainability is therefore easily integrated across cultures.

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Learning intensives are a learning environment onsite to international sites for conferencing and collaborating with women on the frontlines featuring three behavioral activation deep therapy elements of inform, intensify and inspire.  The Kolo Learning Intensives foster humanity in a direction of resiliency and sustainability. The Kolo trauma therapies & treatment started in former Yugoslavia region where South Slavic peoples experienced 100 years of war producing transgenerational trauma in three succeeding generations.  The kolo trauma treatment and training format for self-sustainability is easily integrated across cultures and has since been taken to Africa, Afghanistan, Haiti, India and Sri Lanka. Where will you take the Kolo?

Learning Intensive Coursework for continuing CEU credits available.   Corporate trainings on Crisis Response Protocols for Human Resources & Employees to termination and lay-off events is available.

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The Kolo: WCCC is a collaborative effort greatly supported by the value exchange with our apprenticeships.  The Kolo: WCCC Apprenticeship is shaped by a experiential, on-site intensive learning format.  The program is to inspire meaningfulness and value of volunteer labors and completing enrollment. If you are looking for a unique internship where you will be a true collaborator contact us directly.

Apprenticeships are paid and unpaid.  Unpaid apprenticeships are available for college students as part of an agreed curriculum.

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Based on over a decade of internationally renowned application the Practitioner online certification coursework was developed due to the powerful demand for intensified learning applications about the Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training format.

The Practitioner certification program consists of written materials, audio and video and according to specific coursework interactive online seminars and teleconferences. Cyclical workshops and coursework is offered throughout the calendar year.