When you make a donation to The Kolo: Women’s Cross-Cultural Collaboration, you are supporting those on the front lines of trauma internationally to be capable responders and healers.

Gift Economy

“We are born into a Gift Economy practiced by those who mother us, enabling us to survive. The economy of exchange, quid pro quo, separates us from each other and makes us adversarial, while gift giving and receiving creates mutuality and trust.” 

Gift Economy by Genevieve Vaughan (http://gift-economy.com/)


To donate, You may donate online with a credit card or debit card by submitting your donation via PayPal.

The word ‘donate‘ means “to gift.”

When you are donating to the Kolo, you are enacting the power of a gifting economy.  Genevieve Vaughn so eloquently states “we are born into a gift economy practiced by those who mother us to survive.  The economy of exchange, quid pro quo, separates us from each other and makes us adversarial, while gift giving and receiving creates mutuality and trust.   (Contribute Here Link: going to a contribution form)

The Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration is a 501(c)(3) organization making your contributions tax deductible and more importantly rippling across the globe to women in need.

Activism in it’s truest form informs, intensifies, and inspires.  We appreciate your contributions to the activism of improving the lives of women in war savaged countries where sex trafficking, post traumatic stress, danger, and separations of families are everyday events

Other ways to Gift and Donate:

Stock Donations is one of the most tax-efficient ways to give

A charitable contribution of long-term appreciated securities — i.e. stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds that have realized significant appreciation over time — is one of the most tax-efficient of all ways to give. This method of giving has become increasingly popular in recent years.  There are two key advantages:

  • Appreciated securities with unrealized gains (meaning they were purchased over a year ago, and have a current value greater than their original cost) may be donated to a public charity and a tax deduction taken for the full fair market value of the securities — up to 30% of the donor’s adjusted gross income.
  •  With donated securities the capital gains taxes from selling the securities no longer apply. The more appreciation the securities have, the greater the tax savings will be.

Gifts in kind,

also referred to as in-kind donations are arranged instead of giving money to purchase needed goods and services, the goods and services themselves are given. Gifts in kind are not stock donations. Examples of in-kind gifts include goods such as food, clothing, medicines, computers, photography equipment, furniture, office equipment, and building materials. Performance of some kinds of services, such as building an orphanage, providing office space, or offering administrative support, may also be counted as in-kind gifts. Travel accommodations (tickets, air miles) are requested.

Every year, the Kolo:Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration travels to hot zones around the world.  The focus is on women and children in need to convene a first-of-its-kind humanitarian and female human rights practices in order to equip them to mobilize and advocate women’s capacity to create peaceful cultures through their female social collective and security issues. We need to raise funds to cover travel costs for the Kolo: WCCC’s staff & participants, facility rental, interpreter services, and other costs to make the work possible. Transferring your air miles in donation to the Kolo: WCCC increases in value:  the value of female lives.

Please contact the Kolo to discuss.