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We invite you to join the kolo to dance shoulder to shoulder with females earthwide.

Why the Kolo?

Females in collaboration transform the violent world we live in. Humanitarian law author, Julie Mertus, stated that of the 45 million refugees worldwide, over 75% are females and children.

Taking part in the effort allows the Kolo’s mission statement of social activism, feminist psychological and educational practices for females in need to be available internationally and nationally now. To learn about the ongoing work of the Kolo: WCCC, please visit our Programs page.

Your membership fosters:

  • More feminist and women focused trauma counseling and cross-cultural practices internationally.

  • Ongoing programmatic work of the Kolo: WCCC, learn more here.

  • Establishing more kolo/circles in more villages and war torn countries where females can do the necessary self-analysis to recover from trauma disorders and become healthy spiritually and physically.

What does membership offer me?

Membership in the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration is an everyday activist response and participatory. Your support goes directly to those most impacted. The Kolo: WCCC encourages members to request contact with groups or individuals across the globe involved in the kolo trauma treatment format. Members are also requested to attend Kolo conferences abroad or in the states. Membership provides free access to Kolo articles and the vast archives on the Kolo website, reduced fees for sponsored events and publications, and access to the members-only email directory.

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