To Inspire is…

True advocacy and activism that heals the individual and especially, the social collective, trauma.

Inspiring Forms

  • Raising awareness and evolving female human rights is driving social change efforts to confront and hold those accountable for violence
  • Promotes the shaping of public opinion, accenting the need for urgent response, and timely response
  • To formally define a traumatic stressor as an event outside of normal human experience
  • Facilitates understanding and observation of trauma not constructed in narrow realities of dominant groups
  • Apprenticeships are lived life experiences that creates the lens through which observes interpreted meaning of the trauma
  • Requires egalitarian humanitarian views
  • Intensified Learning and Research/ Studies


Inspires advocacy and activism involving intense personal and collective suffering of realities most of us have not begun to face bringing us to the point of recognizing the urgency in learning more about traumatic response to violent events and how to alleviate suffering.

  • Impacting advocacy such as Afghan Solar Computers, Bosnian High School Computers are some examples.
  • The most important is your own personalized potentials (activism, advocacy) that lead more of an impact when evolving from the problems, not solving the problems.