Past Projects


Project Description

2016 – 18

Refugee Temporary Housing from Bosnian Women War Crimes & War Survivors to Afghan and\or Syrian child-led or women-as-head of family

2015 – 14
Congo DRC

Children of the Congo DRC Throw Away Camera Project


Cooking with Blood and Honey


Embroidery for Re-Memory in Bosnia: The Kolo: WCCC gifted embroidery thread and yarn for the Bosnian women to create with and then  gift, sell and/or trade with, as they deemed.

2006 – 10

Seeds: Women to Women, a Kolo circle from Bosnia, Sri Lanka, India, U.S. to Uganda and Congo

  • The Kolo: WCCC funded seed sharing program from women in Bosnia, Sri Lanka, India and US to women in Uganda and Congo (ongoing)

2007 – 08
Darfur, Sudan

Water to Combat Sexual Violence: Water Well in Darfur, Sudan
The water crisis in Darfur directed The Kolo: WCCC to use donations to facilitate a water well closer to the camps in order to lower the rapes.

1999 – 04
Novi Travnik and Neum,

Bi-Annual Human Rights and Informed Trauma Care Conference in Novi Travnik and Neum

  • Kolo funded and held bi annual Human rights and informed trauma care conferences both in Novi Travnik and Neum on the coast for 16 years– scholarships were given to young women


Texting to Inform, Intensify, and Inspire in Uganda to Transform Social Relations between men and women

  • In small hamlets of refugees in the bush, between 15 to 30 people, who by luck of chance had a single cell phone they received from the United Nations. The Kolo: WCCC facilitated a social relations program to transform the gender relations between men and women by texting three short lines a week, followed-up by visiting them after 3 weeks (it was hard to get there).  The program was great success, resulting in them rewriting their creed for the village with the women.