Sumejja Kolo

Shoulder to Shoulder

Female Social Collective, War Survivors

Read about the women practitioners from the Sumejja Kolo in Bosnia who you are aiding with your donations to the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration.


I was born in 1951, in Trenica, municipality Novi Travnik. I’m married and I live in Novi Travnik. Now, I’ve got two sons. I’ve got two daughters in law, grandaughter Hana and grandson Kenan. I’m a housewife. During the war in central Bosnia, in the mid of 1993, I was forced to move from my home with my family, and I spent the whole war as a refugee in Trenica with the rest of my family. That was the most difficult period of my life. Before the war, my best friends were of different nationalities. We were always together, and always helped each other. My relationship with them was honest and truly, from the bottom of my heart. I thought their way was the same as mine. But very soon, I was convinced it wasn’t. Immediately after the war has started, my first neighbor called Croatian police and asked them to force me and my family to leave our home, where I used to live. Just a few days before it, my neighbor was ill, and I was giving him the medicine. I was healing the man who let me stay without anything in a few days. I left my home without anything what I struggled for all my life. When the war started we had such a terrible life and difficulties what’s not possible to describe at all. But there are two things which hurt me the most. The first thing is, relationship with my closest friends and neighbors of different nationalities. I was blind in our relationship. I trust them a lot, but soon I was convinced I was wrong. The second thing is, relationship of international community toward the events in Bosnia. The humanitarian aid and international community swear basic human rights, but the same international community was deaf and blind while all human rights were abused here in Bosnia. I believe their vision is that they want to destroy the people which I belong to. In March 2000, after seven years of being refugee I returned to my home where I lived before the war. In early beginning I was scarred and afraid of relationship from people of different nationality. But it was very fair and I can’t complain about it. Actually there were several trying times that were scary to me but they and the fear have gone very soon after. I had a dilemma how to pass through the war’s scars from previous days and is the common life possible or not?! At the end I figured out, that all the people should live together, no matters about nationalities, ’cause the life together is a precious for all. I’ve decided to act on that point with my family. How to do it practically? First, I’ve asked myself, could I forgive my first neighbor for hurting me so much? About that dilemma it could be made a story or recorded an interesting movie. At the end, helping my husband I’ve decided to forgive him everything. And not just that. I’ve decided to forgive everything to everyone who hurt me and abused my human rights during the war. I appeal to all the rest of my people and others to be with me in this idea and fight for forgiving and reconciliation.
I took a part in establishing of NGO ‘Sumejja’ in Novi Travnik and I actively commit in work of this organization. I took part in many activities of organization HELP AGE, too. I’m giving myself for tolerance among all the people, for democracy and protection of human rights of all the citizens, no matter about nationalities, religions or some other declaration.


My name is Azemina Krnjic. I was born on 3 November 1964., in Travnik. I’m married and I’ve got a son who’s eight years old, and I live in Novi Travnik.
I’ve been the member of association ‘Sumejja’ already for several years. We often meet each other, and try to help in many problems we have. If we can, we help others who are not the members of association too. Those meetings are very important for us regarding the war’s concequences. Nothing is as before. I’ve lost my uncle during the war who was just a year younger than me and another uncle who could have a lot of years more in his life, if he would be alive. Economical situation here is worse and worse every day. People stay without jobs or work for nothing. A lot of young people die suddenly, but it’s all about consequences of the war; having nothing and how to survive then?!
I used to work in a firm before the war since 1985 but now, I’m without job. Simply that firm doesn’t exist anymore. All attempts to get the new job were for failure. All of them are looking for youngers. My husband works, but his salary is not enough. He didn’t get six of them at all. Social and pension insurance none pay for him.
The only light in these difficult times is giving us Mrs Danica Anderson. Every time she comes, we get alive again and we hardly wait for her returnings.
I’ll never forget her raising hand of friendship and her great heart open for help us. She’s great and powerful woman indeed! She’s very stubborn and ambitious in her wishes. I can hardly wait to see her again!


Is a member of “Sumejja”, Novi Travnik.
I was born on 13 January 1949, in Sarajevo, and grew up in Travnik. I’ve got a husband and two sons. I’ve graduated Economic secondary school. I’m employed in ‘Bratstvo’ Novi Travnik, as an administrator. If God lets me, I’ll be a pensioner , next year in January.
My younger sister died by a shell during the war in Travnik.
Probably, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the poorest countries in the world, after war here, one can feel very slow way of development here, I think it’ll be hard even for the future generations, without help of international community.


I was born in Novi Travnik on 17 April 1954. I’ve finished dress maker’s secondary school. I’m married and I’ve got three children-two daughters and a son. We passed through the damn war and had a lot of difficult consequences after it. We all have traumas, but for me was the most difficult when they forced me to move from our home which I was waiting for so long with my children.
What to expect further? I returned to my home but my husband and I stayed without job after thirty years of experiences.


I was born on 22 July 1948. I’ve graduated Economic school in Travnik, and since then I’m employed in Municipality Novi Travnik where I still work and live. I’ve got two daughters who are married, employed and they gave a birth to my three beautiful grandchildren. They are the most beautiful pleasure for my husband and me, and we’re trying to spend mostly of our time with them. I’ve been the member of NGO association ‘Sumejja’ since its establishment, actually, since 1994 till now.
Meeting with women from ‘Kolo Sumejja’ is always a pleasure for me, and special pleasure is to contact with Mrs DANICA ANDERSON.
I don’t like to remember all those bad moments from the previous war, what was horrible for me, for people who are close to me and all other good people from all over our beautiful Country, but I don’t like to forget all too.
Even I had very difficult life during the war, I would still like if all the people of different nationalities from this country would live better life, with more democracy, human rights and freedom, and I do believe that my Homecountry Bosnia and Herzegovina will take it all back!