by Danica Anderson PhD (Author), Erin Hilleary (Illustrator), Connie Simpson (Illustrator)


Proceeds go to the women war crimes and war survivors.

A visually and viscerally riveting hard cover, glossy table worthy compilation of art and stories from South Slavic women.  Discover how trauma erases the female-based community and culture. In the face of modern day territorial warfare, South Slavic women possess a powerful tool, yet often neglected, that has the potential to heal grief-stricken communities around the world.

This published works captures the women’s stories which represent more than the pale slips of paper found in interdisciplinary works of research. The narratives are undervalued in institutions, where many academic and medical experts consider these lived experiences on the front-lines to be nothing more than anecdotal first-person accounts of little offer to the empirical community.

Blood and Honey. The Secret Herstory of Women: South Slavic Women’s Experiences in a World of Modern Day Territorial Warfare is of interest to those studying history from the ground perspective of those who lived it, who wants to immerse into the vibrant reality that colors in the outline of dates of imperialist wars and the war bounty.