Blood & Honey Icons: Secret Herstory of South Slavic Women War Crimes and War Survivors

The Blood & Honey Icons combines the extensive use of the iconic, indexical interpretations with symbolic references into a deck of cards that guides the way we link one thing or sentient being to another.

Over a decade of Kolo (Serbo-Croatian for round folk dance or to be in a circle) trauma work with South Slavic women war crimes and war survivors are in this card deck. A social formation of life transmission and life bearing to nurturing, the Blood & Honey Icon cards are a series of healing trauma in their families and communities.

A collection of artists soaked in Marjia Gimbutas’s archeological research and visually and viscerally a re-interpreted a protolanguage (Mother Tongue/Mother Nature Speak). Combined with a short evoked collective memory, carving motif and sign the Blood & Honey Icons orient the reader to ancient secret histories and evidence of the unversality to propelling our curing of amnesia for self-sustainability and resiliency.

A portion of the proceeds go to the women war crimes and war survivors.