About Our Programs and Fieldwork

The Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration (WCCC) is an international organization dedicated to women’s human rights in humanitarian hot spots. The directive is to bring effective trauma assistance to these areas, with a specific focus on women and children, families. The Kolo: WCCC program has a three-fold capacity: to Inform, Intensify and Inspire. We begin with the life experiences of women affected by living in the hot spots, building dialogue and narratives to share. All areas of the work include: field work, social collective building, research, and conferences. This ensures that we: 1) protect females and children and; 2) stem and halt the trans-generational trauma cycle.

Our work in action:
– Informed Trauma Care and Caregiving Intensives
– Online Training and On-site Training
– Peaceful Dimensions Conferences, Bosnia Herzegovina
– Supporting Afghanistan women and girls
– The Kolo: WCCC Centers in Bosnia Herzegovina, Novi Travnik & Neum (Coast)

Danica Anderson, PhD, founder of The Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration summarizes how the program informs, intensifies and inspires women across the world to realize collaborative efforts and potentials in a world of violence.


Pins indicate where the Kolo Informed Practices have occurred internationally.

The Kolo is informed and the Kolo informs. Through our books, social media and events, narratives and trauma care practices are shared across the world and the audience’s passive participation lies in the powerful act of witnessing. It is the first person story of the witness that heals the first person story of the affected. Suffering in silence has been too long the accepted method of surviving and it has diminished our voices and vocabulary. To inform, reestablishes the power in language and expands our vocabulary.  This allows a subtle evolution and revolution within both the witness and the affected. We realize we know and sense more than what we can express and we engage instinct as a partner.

With the work underway and information streaming between witness and affected, we can begin to intensify our efforts.  As witnesses, we strip away the veil of avoidance and luxury of ignorance and this internal confrontation is a necessary, but painful, component to mirror the experiences of our affected community. This awakens our thirst to learn and to bear witness to peoples and events where voices are silenced. Apprenticeships offer an intimate example of this and can propel a witness to act in collaboration and spread the knowledge further. From Intensify, movements are birthed and kindness is encouraged. 

After the intensity, comes inspiration. For seventeen years, affected women survivors of war crimes have continued their Kolo informed trauma care, healing their families and social spheres. Those impacted by the Kolo: WCCC through witnessing, carry these experience for a lifetime.  By raising profile of the survivors, we help shape public opinion towards the need for urgent response and inspire collective social change.

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The Cultural Lens of Genomics

At Kolo we actively work to INFORM, INTENSIFY, INSPIRE women and you in these ways:

Informed Trauma Care and Caregiving Intensives: CEU credit courses, conferences and retreats.  For Professionals, lay persons and nonprofessional INFORM, INTENSIFY, INSPIRE

Online Training, On-site Training:  CEU credit courses, cyber conferences with women war crimes and war survivors.   For Professionals, lay persons and nonprofessional INFORM, INTENSIFY, INSPIRE

Peaceful Dimensions Conferences; Bosnia Herzegovina; Bosnian women war crimes and war survivors organize Kolo Informed Trauma Learning Intensives. INFORM, INTENSIFY, INSPIRE

Supporting Afghanistan women and girls; funding Afghan all female high schools, solar powered computers in rural regions for females.

The Kolo: WCCC Centers in Bosnia Herzegovina: Novi Travnik & Neum (Coast) Supporting safe house for Bosnian women,  women war crimes and war survivors to Syrian refugees.