In raising awareness and evolving female human rights and resulting humanitarian issues and policies that are not engendered, promote the shaping of public opinion, accent the need for urgent response, and driving social change efforts to confront and hold those accountable for the violence.


Intensified Learning and Research/ Studies:

Trauma is defined as ‘intensified learning’ thus informed trauma treatment and care apprenticeships and trainings set up an agency of social change and female grassroots activism onsite at the front lines of violence and killing zones to online apprenticeship sessions and presentations.

  • Apprenticeship sessions, online training to Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Journal publications expand female tacit knowledge (we know more than what could be told), media coverage inclusive of women and children regarding gynocide, female human rights, humanitarian crises to a wider audience thus building an invaluable knowledge base.
  • Home to building one of the world’s richest depositories of blogs, articles, journal papers, manuscripts and books spanning subjects from Biosemiotics, Bioculinary, Neurobiology of Trauma, Neuroscience, Genocide, Gynocide, Culture and Oral Memory Traditions.