World’s Refugees, past, here and now to future: What remains as the best prevention for conflict and violence against women is pioneering engendered and female inclusive trauma treatment and train the trainer for survivors & professionals programs within the culture/oral memory traditions.

By including women’s life experiences and dialogues-narratives we are responsive and take on humane responsibilities: 1) to protect females and children and; 2) to stem and halt the transgenerational trauma cycle.

Questioning what are the root causes of diaspora, forced migration and assessing what can be learned from women’s survivorship, their life experiences and narratives formulates a collaborative humanitarian community at the local grassroots level removing the institutionalization of their personal and local traumas.

  • The Kolo:WCCC Centers- The Syrian crisis with Syrian Refugees pouring into Europe has begun an initiative to have a center in coastal city Neum, on Adriatic Coast and in Novi Travnik, Bosnia.  The Kolo:WCCC with the local NGO Kolo Sumejja Women, Certified Kolo Practitioners will organize relief for Syrian refugee families within their centers.  The centers will provide shelter to five families headed by single mothers, siblings and/or other major caregivers.   Assistance in visas along with trauma kolo train the trainer apprenticeships will be provided
  • Afghan Women online apprenticeships for informed trauma care,  trauma recovery, human rights advocacy for female youth, teens and early adult stages.
  • Apprenticeships– intensive learning curriculum in order to aid healing processes to families thus communities for collaborative grassroots activism and cultivation of female social collectives.  Areas of focus: women’s advocacy, female human rights, Train the Trainer, the neurobiology of trauma.