Danica Anderson, PhD

Founder of the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration

It’s always been about what I learned and witnessed.

My doctorate in Clinical Psychology, concentration in Somatics only added to my knowledge. My intensified learning began with my mother who survived WWII concentration camp Jasenovac, former Yugoslavia. I had the realization that my grandmothers and mother survived a century of wars in former Yugoslavia. I knew their trauma is passed down through the generations; transgenerational.

I define trauma as intensified learning where no one wants to enroll but are pitched into traumatic events and situations. Clinically, I do not define trauma as a mental illness. Rather, the trauma symptoms tell me your neurology and body are healthy. At best a memory disorder where your survival mechanisms need to discern between ‘Do I need survive right now?’ or ‘Do I need to thrive?’ [READ FULL BIO]


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