Creepy Normalization man”u”factures Amnesia of what sustains us all

What I learned from my travels of 2007 & 2008 into Africa and Bosnia


Amnesia-Blindness Affliction

When I heard the pain in her Congolese narrative, when I felt the sharpness of sight uncensored, absent of amnesia, my inward gasp announced shock at what others encounter in their days and nights.

Almost involuntarily, I sought the origin of crisis, disasters and violence, with the ages’ old question: “How did we get to this point?”

What I discovered as I looked for the mouth of the river called violence is in reality the universal and common to all.

No matter where, whether I walk the landscape of Africa, Bosnia, India or Sri Lanka, even the United States, most of us find that it is literally imperceptible to discern how it commenced.

The smallness and perhaps subatomic aspects of actions or a lack of actions has metabolized into blindness affliction that may be best articulated as amnesia. Amnesia is a blindness affliction producing the creepy normalization of what would be anathema to us.

In reflection of my journeys to Africa and Bosnia, I would encounter sheer madness since most have amnesia on what sustains us and our planet.

I discovered that whatever our female values are, those feminine aspects are not known as a way of life across the globe.  Instead, the blindness affliction helps to spin doctor, the destruction and violence ritualized practices of rape, war and conflict into the phrase,” culture.”

Take for instance, in the Congo, the degrading poverty spirals into impossible lowest levels with each outbreak of violence. Each rape is pronounced as the militia or rebel army’s right for fighting delusional evil in others and what the women must gratefully submit to.

Stated as “it is the way it is,” by the women, themselves, spins it into a cultural event despite having rape listed as a war crime in the international court.

“They come from the underneath the banana or Mango trees.  We are told that we are helping the fight and taking care of the men who have needs,” spoke the downcast eyes and face of a Ugandan woman.

Outside any hotel in downtown Kampala, Uganda has very young prostitutes soliciting their bodies for money to eager tourists from abroad or nearby countries.  Supposedly, enlightened and liberal westerners think that prostitution should be a business commodity.

As I walk by the barely thirteen year old Uganda girl-child, slick with cosmetics and provocative outfit, I wonder how any mother would really think it’s a business. The loss of female values and culture impounded with the most severe disrespect and disdain of her body is often okay with mothers.


Creepy normalization in misogynistic edicts

Let’s turn to how the economic disparity makes for a mother’s desperation.  Then, let’s look at how religious male perspective dogma swallowed by faithful mothers allows for objectified female bodies due to being mimicry for worship and/or fond regard for females.

Who wouldn’t want to be Daddy’s little girl all her life as opposed to her mother’s unlived life modeled to her as a male ideologist and peon, when statistics scream about our daughters’ incestuous unions with her father or  rape objects’ for males ?

Now, we move to religious mother’s beliefs that all daughters need legislation and extreme male outside authority/system to tell her how to be the perfect victim. Laws are tailored made to legislative her uterus.  Other forms of rule of law are the creepy normalization in misogynistic religious edicts of her female sex on how to dress and even where to sit in her substandard place.

I think of the Serbian Orthodox liturgy services, she must sit on the left while he is given the ‘right,’ along with not allowing her communion if she has her menses.   There is a ritual for mothers after she births her child. She must be blessed by the priest when she finishes her birthing blood flow before setting foot into the “holy” halls.

In the catholic sector, priests reign in sexual abuse of both sons and daughters and demand no woman behind the altar.  When the last pope died -who reigned over the most hideous sexual exploitation by his priestly following- it was mostly women weeping beyond the pale and kissing his photo as his decaying corpse  was hauled off into the moist mother earth.

It is no wonder why mothers would not know immediately how it is exploitation via poverty of a barely tolerated female gender, that the culture with creepy normalization gives two choices to daughters: either marries to be either Madonna or make money and be the whore.

I have yet to observe or hear about any mother’s outrage at her or other women’s poverty. Neither are her daughter nor son’s exploitation and her female gender splashed in media or the news except for being pornographic titillating victim material.

It’s everywhere.

In the states we do not see Sarah Palin bothered by her female sex being exploited as she continues the worship fathers and the male kingdom.  It’s about the creepy normalization that this is what women want, what women need and most importantly being told who they are by outside ‘male perspective only’ authorities.


Moist Mother Degradation coincides with HER degradation-an opportunity for female solidarity?

Did you ever wonder how the creepy normalization of what the earth and its sea and landscapes once beheld became denuded deserts and red tide oceans?   It had to take generations of abuse and caustic practices to deplete the vast oceans into cesspools of plastic, garbage and chemical spillage.

Our blindness affliction-amnesia is superimposed on Rachel Carson’s 1962 clarion call of the coming “Silent Spring.”

Is it because she is female that we are blind to Rachel Carson’s message and her prophecy?

Forests once populated much of the global landscapes a mere 8,000 years ago.  Even if we look at photos fifty to one hundred years ago, we see how the trees protect against landslides, erosions or sediment in our waterways.   We would see if not afflicted with blindness- amnesia that more than 70% of our global species of plants and animals reside in tropical rainforests measuring only at 6% of our earth land surfaces.[1]

With Osar Lao and Manfred Kayser of Erasmus University Medial Center in Netherlands, (Current Biology Issue 08/08) discovery in their research that the European genetic structure is correlated with geography, we would realize that our dis-eases, pollution related illnesses and our blindness affliction is but the exact picture or articulation of our precious depleting environments and historical patristic practices bent on destruction.

All of us pay for the consequences in the end with our generations’ long blindness affliction and amnesia.   Some wake up sooner than others shouting alarm and shock pondering how we got here.   Usually this happens when are the victims of violence or catastrophes.

Like Alzheimer patients, our amnesia has us forgetting what truly will sustain us and the earth.  Without memory or a thought to what happens to others happens to us, we blindly grope in the destruction of creepy normalization pretending that it is culture and the way it has always been.

Often I am told by other women especially, as the males assert that it is a good service and perfect martyrism, that I am a saint for working in the killing fields.  The killing fields are sanctioned with women and children maimed, tortured and murdered.

From thousands of examples, the women mostly stated in one fashion or another, “oh, I could never do that,” or “I am so busy with my husband, kids, house and job.”

First, I ask myself what and where male partnering of the work load and her life’s work.  The creepy normalization and blindness affliction in not seeing how isolated women have become let alone the slave labors/wages condemning another life sentence of servitude in values that are not her own continues in demanding a saintly role for women.

But my actual experience is the opposite of this lone and assumed saint hood track for women.

With each shattering first person story, the insight I am given is the long sensed need for global female solidarity.   Honored by the vast experiences, albeit shocking and excruciating with sight and insight, I learned that the skill of bearing witness does serve to heal intergenerational trauma.

And more exactingly, in the sacred observing we discover that trauma is hindsight with the gift of insight.

I think of the many women bearing the burden of violence and trauma taking every effort to avoid the hindsight and the gift of insight by the creepy normalization. One Congolese woman and one Bosnian woman, both orated to me, “See how it is.  There is nothing we can do.”   Worse yet, is the downright chilling and creepy statements, “boys will be boys,” and “be fruitful and multiply.”

A Novi Travnik woman, Ika Ljubuncic, mother of three related to me “during the war there was a “udruzenje”- (togetherness) amongst all women, Hrvati (Catholic), Serb and Muslim.  We shared everything.  I was pregnant with my second child and I was so well taken care of by the women.”   It was “izvrsim” (perfect-super) of how women in a circle-kolo could be experienced.

Ika went on to share how in the aftermath of war, the younger generation does not want to work.   As she deepened her reflection, it became clear that trauma has the feature of depression polluting daughters and sons when their energy is most needed.

“What is impossible in our small town is the gossip and blame,” as she took a deep inhale of cigarette as if to have the smoke block her painful insight.

Forced to grow gardens and return to the old South Slavic ways is slowly reorienting the mothers and grandmothers into revering their moist mother earth but often their indoctrination and fear grown to gigantic proportions from the recent wars perpetuating disturbing misogyny  edicts.  As Ika disturbingly pointed out those edicts are stringently applied via gossip and finger pointing to their daughters.

Yet, as I scan their dulled and ‘void of expression’ female faces, I see next to them and behind them a sea of women and children that have endured the unendurable extending into the question of: isn’t it an opportunity for women to stand shoulder to shoulder together, right now and guide the men as the women say “no more.”


I dare you…..

From thousands of examples I have witnessed and stories I have heard, the hindsight of trauma’s gift of insight becomes a dare for others to be burdened with responsibility in hearing their stories of violence.

I dare for others to be transplanted with sight and insight no matter how ugly or brutal the truth.

And the final dare and most important, is for women to experience female solidarity globally.  With female solidarity, the creepy normalization will cease to exist.  The blindness affliction that impacts women since they are the proscribed victim material when eradicated can actually fold in harmony with all sentient beings and earthly environments and allow the only permissible amnesia to exist; violence could never have existed.

With hindsight, the gift of insight allows women to not send their sons and daughters out to protect them and kill other sons, daughters, mothers and grandmothers to seal that blood contract.   The creepy normalization that abortion is murder while voting for war and sending one’s daughter or son to war  killing hundreds of thousands would disappear into the abyss of the idiotic and senselessness.

Just as potent, the creepy normalization of the decay and destruction of our earth as not really being global warming but normal in the natural earthly cycles is insanity made into modern sanity called logical and rational thinking.  Not only has the destruction of deforestation, the food we grow greatly lost its nutritional value since the 1950’s,obesity and anorexia are normal for today’s modern living in subdivisions of bedroom communities denuded of its forest and natural waterways.

The nutritional loss in our food, hormone fed livestock, plastic an invasive weed and violence is thought as sustainable living and culture today.   The few who shout out the alarm and their shock are called liberals and/or the chicken who screamed that the sky is falling.


Perhaps, Chicken Little was accurate. 

Both bees and wasps can recognize each other’s faces and our faces. Think of how evolved the tiny insects are to have the ability to distinguish between patterns in the environment[2] while we with our blindness affliction and creepy normalization are disabled by the creepy normalization to be able to see “recognized” destructive patterns.

The best feature of insight after the hindsight of trauma is how insight moves to the shortest path in the direction of least resistance.  Lightning zigzags the same way in a step leader fashion mirroring insight that is so immediate in our being and changes us instantly.

I think of the trust fun rats in a study by Kelly Lambert, chair of psychology at Randolph-Mason College.  The trust fund rats did not have to work to find their cereal treats. What occurred was how the trust fund rats were “giving up easily,” if there are any obstacles.

The working rats learned the skill of being persistent.  Females globally lost that persistent and insistence skill that only appears within female solidarity and respect for their female gender.

As Ika related about the younger daughters and sons not wanting to work therefore avoiding insight, I know that the intergenerational PTSD-trauma still resides in their South Slavic depression. The impact to the economy and the moist mother earth is perhaps already beyond recovery.

With that loss of female solidarity being meaningful or lived other than in war or events borne from violence, impacting and life giving actions are wasting away as females perpetuate male dogma that does not include her or respect for her.

There is a link of lifestyle-depression where if we do not have meaningfulness in activities we will lack the neurochemicals to be cognitively ordered and are depressed in nature.  And as we can deduct depression in females is normalized into being pious and the perfect Madonna.

The creepy normalization is a modern depression expression and we, both female and male, no longer know what sustainable living is.

If females cannot choose their feminine ways of being and values, both males and females loose the possibility to integrate the wisdom of the moist mother earth and her land/seascapes into daily life.  Not being together escapes the innate partnership that have sustained us in the far past and could save us today.

Instead we have gynocidal and genocidal death loving cult but most women would never call it as such let alone admit it as they march waving the flags of their father’s.


[1] Jared Diamond, Collapse: How societies choose to fail or succeed, (Penguin Books, 2006) p. 469

[2] Visionary Wasps,, September/October 2008