The explicit distinguishing of social memory or oral memory traditions of the South Slavs are actualized in a multiplicity (plastic property) of social collective communal events not separated from their love of the Moist Mother Earth. Their female bodies represented in the archeological zoomorphic Bird, Snake and Bear Goddesses attest to a dialogue with death- an existential reflection on what their life served or will serve. With the South Slavic constitution as being illuminating, related to the cosmos, biological and deep past, the archaeologies’ of Mythic Balkan Memory Narratives includes every single thing and life forms.

Storied Instructions

What traumatic war memories he experiences repeatedly, has the father of two’s war memories in the aftermath of a cataclysmic war more so violent steeped in PTSD behaviors. The Bosnian father related the politics of his life before the war as if it really never did happen. One elderly Bosnian grandmother’s husband died of diabetes’ complications after the Balkan war ended up as a super hero of a good man in her mythic narrative even though he was known to be a ruthless business man and abusive towards her and the children. The Bosnian young woman observing hatreds born again after another war to the Bosnian father erasure of his personal memories, all move towards considering trauma as an intensified learning experience. Intensified learning is a portal for reconsolidating memory and the traumatic event into a mythic narrative to hand down through the generations. All three South Slavs at separate occasions would inquire not on what to say to their children but the absence of their mythic narratives now skewed into PTSD illusions.

This brings us to consider the political perspectives carried out into policies and rule of law that are exactingly processed without any cultural memory or geographical narratives. Without the mythic narrative Slavs are indigenous to PTSD behaviors spill intergenerationally into the future lives of their children perpetuating the androcratic judicial system. Working on the issue of trauma for the past decade provided my observance of recapitulated features when recalling memories as an expert witness in evidentiary hearings and Psycho-social Gender Victims expert with the International Criminal Court.

Recapitulations are summaries into a succinct restatement or themes needing a repeating recall which over time adds and layers significant information and symbolism. Recapitulation features are about reconsolidating each memory from its original format whenever recalled. Once recalled or recollected, the memory is continually revamped or organized to awaken a story about the event. The outcome of reconsolidation of memory is what I term as narrative memory in which all possible cosmic and microcosmic world views are included. However, as noted with the Bosnian young woman observance of hatreds to the father of two having his pre-war memories erased and replaced with PTSD, the reconsolidation of memory becomes another violent projectile.

The reconsolidation processes of memory features are functional and more advantageous to update our stored wisdom from all life experiences. Such conspired recollections are a remarkably malleable potential to heal local communities since the South Slavic mythic narratives and respective mythological practices are devoid of boundaries.

Dr. Danica Anderson
Social Scientist, Trauma Expert
The Kolo: Women’s Cross-Cultural Collaboration