The Kolo: WCCC cultivates capacities to employ those individual, survivors, organizations, and professionals on front-lines of trauma, including children and adults to become responders and healers of themselves and to others. Our work includes fieldwork trauma trainings, social collective building, research and conferences. Our programs evolve the response to trauma through three transformative stages: Inform, Intensify, and Inspire.

Our work in action collaborates with women on:

  • Kolo Self Trauma Care Protocol
  • Learning Intensives: Online Training and On-Site Training
  • International Summits and Conferences
  • Community Learning and Engagement

The three transformative stages of Inform, Intensify and Inspire was founded upon the South Slavic Kolo, ‘to be in a circle’ or ‘to dance the folk dance’, the Kolo Sumejja women and Dr. Danica Anderson developed and apply the Kolo Self Trauma Care Protocol as a customized format for every adult, child and especially women in conflict, wars or grappling with the aftermath of violence.


The Kolo is informed and the Kolo informs. Narratives and trauma care practices are shared across the world, where the audience powerfully witnesses. The first person story of the witness heals the first person story of the affected. Suffering in silence has been for too long the accepted way of surviving and it has diminished our voices and vocabulary. To inform, reestablishes the power in language and expands our vocabulary.  This allows a subtle evolution and revolution within both the witness and the affected. We realize we know and sense more than what we can express and we engage instinct as a partner.


With the work underway and information streaming between witness and affected, our efforts begin to Intensify.  As witnesses, we strip away the veil of avoidance. Internal confrontation is necessary, but painful, to reveal the luxury of ignorance and mirror the experiences of our affected community. Our thirst to learn and bear witness to peoples and events where voices are silenced is awakened. After the Intensification, movements are birthed and kindness is encouraged.


After Intensity comes Inspiration. For twenty years affected women survivors of war crimes have continued their Kolo Self Trauma Care healing their families, communities and entire social spheres. Supporters impacted and inspired by witnessing the Kolo: WCCC carry these experiences for a lifetime.  By raising a profile of the survivors, we help shape public opinion towards the need for urgent response and inspire collective action and social change.

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