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International Women’s Day 2020

How can we honor International Women’s Day with the Afghani women? I can say to the Bosnian, Serb, Croat women, ‘Ma sretna ti zena’, as well as to the Eastern European women.

How can we honor International Women’s Day to the Syrian, Iranian, Turkish, Arab and African women that will let them know I have worked […read more]

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The Kolo: WCCC Trauma Care and Healing

The Kolo: WCCC cultivates capacities to employ those individual, survivors, organizations, and professionals on front-lines of trauma, including children and adults to become responders and healers of themselves and to others. Our work includes fieldwork trauma trainings, social collective building, research and conferences. Our programs evolve the response to trauma through three transformative stages: Inform, […read more]

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The Kolo, the Slavic folk round dance and to be in a circle is light manifesting. Note the oak tree and burning of oak- Badjnak in Serbo-Croatian.
Oak Tree ─ Slavic Secret Language in harmony with Mother Nature.
Powered oak bark mixed with honey heals menstrual problems.
A blend of ground acorns […read more]

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The Yard – Memory

Research from mathematic scientist Alexander Thom’s finding of the “Megalithic Yard” form of measurement can be added to the plethora of South Slavic memory practices, the round dances (kolos), with its ethnochoreological implications of beat and rhythm movements. Thom’s study of Megalithic stone circles as observatories and astronomical […read more]

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Oral Memory Traditions- Mega Library of Memory

The explicit distinguishing of social memory or oral memory traditions of the South Slavs are actualized in a multiplicity (plastic property) of social collective communal events not separated from their love of the Moist Mother Earth. Their female bodies represented in the archeological zoomorphic Bird, Snake and Bear Goddesses […read more]

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The Cultural Lens of Genomics & Genocides to Gynocides

We know more than we can tell South Slavic Women Balkan War Crimes & War Survivors & WWII Holocaust

A span of sixteen years in working with the trauma survivors from Novi Travnik, Bosnia treating trauma
from a forensic psychobiological and oral memory traditions approach investigates the survivors’
mastery of socially learned information and skills (culture). Large […read more]

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Lepenski Vir Fish Goddess Artifact

At Lepenski Vir many Fish Goddesses artifacts and graves were found reveling in the aquatic lushness of the Danube river gorges. Perhaps, as a tribute to the huge water reservoir, the Fish Goddesses were important relics for burials and a part of the architectural structures consisting of temples not residences. The impressive fact is […read more]

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