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Maternal Fright

Look at the faces of mothers- you will see Maternal Fright. Balkan War 1991-94

Maternal Fright and the epigenetics: how we live through the choices we make and daily life is influenced by the catastrophic violence women continue to face. My work with South Slavic women over a ten-year period investigated the devastating impacts of war […read more]

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Maternal Fright and South Slavic Oral Memory Traditions: Biosemiotics, Epigenetics, and Somatic Psychobiology Healing Practices

Abstract: The Slavic term “maternal fright” is carved from chronic wars and violence towards women and is a form of transgenerational trauma. The forgotten conflict, the Balkan War of 1991-95 in the former Yugoslav region, resulted in South Slavic female survivors in the aftermath of war utilizing extensive cultural practices including oral memory traditions […read more]

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The Kolo: WCCC Presents; 2nd International Women’s Summit: Nonkilling Culture

June 19-25, 2019 Sarajevo, Bosnia


The 2019 Summit will place emphasis on;

Women’s transgenerational trauma healing emerges in response to unjust conditions. In that regard, women have played a significant but invisible role, in their rights to challenge longstanding subordinate social, political, rule of law and economic inequalities, across areas of healing trauma, war crimes, […read more]

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Dreams Heal Trauma-Holocaust

Kolo Self Informed Trauma Care involves female social collective, the creators of culture with corresponding oral memory traditions, a ritual science. According to many of the women elders [wise women] I worked with across the globe report dreams are the best therapists for healing PTSD. In […read more]
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