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The Kolo: WCCC 2nd International Women’s Summit- 2019

NonKilling Cultures and Healing Transgenerational Trauma


Dr. Danica Anderson, founder of The Kolo: WCCC and Kolo Sumejja leader Susana Koric present at 2010 Helsinki Human Rights at Sarajevo concerning women human rights and feminism:

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June 2019
Sarajevo, Bosnia

The Kolo: WCCC 2nd International Summit on “NonKilling Cultures”

Women’s transgenerational trauma healing emerges in response to unjust conditions. In that regard, women have played a significant but invisible role, in their rights to challenge longstanding subordinate social, political, rule of law and economic inequalities, across areas of healing trauma, war crimes, war, violence, genocide, gynocide, ethnic hatreds, diaspora, refugees, race, class, sexuality, and identity studies. The Kolo Self Trauma Care and Protocol continues to instill material, social, cultural, and political changes, self-worth, and recognition of women as an invaluable nonkilling resource in face of diverse forms of subordination in a world of violence.

October 2015
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX

International Women’s Summit

The International Women’s Summit invites you to participate in an opportunity to hear from International Women Leaders from Afghanistan, Bosnia & Kenya, alongside U.S. International efforts on behalf of Women toward Human Rights, Peacemaking and Democracy.

Sponsored by the SMU Embrey Human Rights Program, Kolo: WCCC with underwriting sponsorship by Sabre Corporation and South Asia Democracy Watch.

Press: SADeW Press Release

Annual Peaceful Dimensions Against Violence Against Women Conferences

Mexico City

July 1 -5th, 2009

Kolo Annual Conference
Danica Anderson and Eugene Ahn present their collaborative efforts spinning through interdisciplinary fields of archeology, mythologies, digital technologies in concert with the true structure of an interconnected planet.

March 2010
Rome, Italy

Feminist Center with The Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration and

Genevieve Vaughan

October 1, 2015
Dallas, TX

Muslim Women’s Luncheon

January 21, 2017

Career & Role Model for Teens Chongqing Orphanage, China. One Sky Organization & Girls Talk organization. Online session, with Eunice Park

January 2017

Chicago, IL

I Came To Testify” Bosnian American Genocide Education Institute, Bosnia Hercegovina Club, Panel member

January 2017

Afghan Ambassador meeting discussing the Kolo: WCCC’s training of Afghan women for certification in the Kolo Trauma Informed Care program.

November 20-22, 2016
New York

Blood & Honey: The Secret Herstory of Women; South Slavic Women in a World of Modern Day Territorial Warfare, SUNY Anthropology Semester Book used in Curriculum & Presentation

April 2016
Washington D.C.

Genomic Lens of Culture: South Slavic Women War Crimes & War Survivors, Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies The 48th Annual ASEEES Convention

April 2016

Presentation of Maternal Fright– South Slavic Oral Memory Traditions; a Biosemiotics Epigenetic transgenerational & Somatic Psychobiology healing practices. Journal of Perinatal Studies

December 2015

NonKilling Balkans. Rifet Bahtijaragic & Joám Evans Pim, E.Ds.