• The global state of female human rights and women’s humanitarian issues

    • Inclusive security and aid policies correlates to genocide, gynocide, Female Human Rights & Women’s Humanitarian Issues
  • Fieldwork and trauma research reveals women and children are the most vulnerable and in need of humanitarian aid with policies and rule of law that include them

  • Gauging women’s global perceptions towards human rights and humanitarian issues assigns priorities and accountability

  • Collections of women’s first person narratives and images summits

  • Producing content from events to research focusing on women’s global perceptions concerning their human rights, humanitarian issues, diaspora to refugee crisis.


The responsibility to protect, support needs in the short- and medium-term, and long-term strategies in combating human rights violations and women’s humanitarian issues to have inclusivity of women’s and children’s needs or perspective.

  • Informed Trauma Care & Caregiving Intensives, Novi Travnik, Bosnia.
    • Bosnian Muslim Women War Crimes & War Survivors
  • Apprenticeships & Train the Trainer in local communities informs & facilitates adaptation and resiliency in response to genocide, gynocide, femicide, catastrophic trauma and aftermath of a century of wars.
    • Clinicians, Academia, Humanitarian Aid Organizations, Students, Laypersons
  • Peaceful Dimensions Conference held in Novi Travnik, Bosnia cultivates South Slavic Female social collectives to grow collaborative efforts across ethnic divides
    • Bosnian Muslim Women War Crimes & War Survivors
      Girl Child, Youth & Mother/Grandmother Programs
  • Afghan Women Project “Where is She?” a book in progress by Dr. Danica Anderson who was in Afghanistan 2013-14 with the Department of Defense
  • Solar powered computers for the All Female High School in Jalalabad and continued efforts to provide Afghan women with solar powered computers and training in rural areas.
  • Computers donated to a high school in Sarajevo, Bosnia in order to allow students to be informed
  • Dr. Danica Anderson’s Field research, papers/books and intensives in Sub-Sahara Africa, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia & Serbia & Afghanistan.